Cgms denial day july 1


I am officially dubbing July 1 as CGMS DENIAL DAY.

Me, along with many others are sick of being denied coverage for the CGMS. Join me on July 1 to raise our voices as a community.

If you have been denied coverage for the CGMS by your insurance company, Please make a post on your blog, personal website and or a video post wherever you are a community member on JULY 1, 2008 telling everyone how important the CGMS is for you to keep healthy.

In the subject line of ALL your posts please put:

This way we will have a way to keep track of everyone’s posts, and make our voices heard. I have created a logo leading up to the day if you would please pass it on WITH A LINK BACK TO this blog explaining what the day means.

right click image to save as

blog side bar link

I have also made a logo for JULY 1 to put up as well with your posts.

right click image to save as

if you want a banner style you can use t his:

Together we can all make a difference. Maybe someone will hear us.


PS: If you need help trying to get coverage go to CGMS CENTRAL


I am with you girl!! July 1st Den Day…will add it to my blog:)
Let’s not settle for pricking our fingers 4-10 times a day, when there is a better solution for US! I bet if it were there kid, mother, sister or father they would fight back as well.


thanks you can also comment to my blog

I diff will do that afterwork. Can I add your blog to my blog as a link?

Thank you for this! This will be wonderful. We all raised our voices on Type 1 day! This is then next step. So people know we are here!

Great idea, Gina!! I got denied pretty quickly and didn’t even bother to fight it-- I just paid out of pocket. Ugh, it makes me mad just thinking about it.
I will definitely use the logo & post something!

thanks katie!

Oh YEAH! How synchonistic! My deadline for my THIRD APPEAL is July 1st! Did you choose this date for me?

I’ve got the whole saga on the “Advice on insurance appeal please (teleconferencing in 3 days!)” on the discussion forum here…

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to blog regularly (being a ‘stressed out’ graduate student with two dogs, two jobs and an outrageous love of life!), but this is a great promotion to, as you say, ‘get somebody’s attention’.

Thank you Gina :smiley: I have to go work on my other projects…

You can actually blog right here at tudiabetes there is a blog function on your MY PAGE

I did! haha. Well if you cant blog you can put the Image up then?

Brava, Gina! I have e-mail contacts all over the world, and will use your initiative and add a line or two about why this is so important. Great idea!

By the way, Great Post with a great cause …and a helpful solution

Keep Going…Peace, Bob

Thanks Olaf!

Thanks Debb, i hope you pass this on to everyone you know that has diabetes.

Well Robert, I am sorry you had bad experiences with it but i know a lot of people that have really good results from it. We have to start somewhere right?

Hi Gina, I just started my 3rd level appeal. This is the last appeal I get. If we are denied again, I have to go the lawyer route. This 3rd level is decided by an "Independent review " organization. Keystone (my Ins co) calls the CMG “experimental/investigative” Their argument is that there is not enough published peer-reviewed articles. So I am printing EVERY damn article I can find on the internet and sending to them. My husband has diabetes and is on peritoneal dialysis (at home) for kidney disease. AND he has diabetic unawareness. I am on constant alert with him. I listen for any strange mumblings or noise, is he low? I never let down my guard. I want him to have the CMG as much for his benefit as mine. I just hope it will all be worth it. Good luck in your battle, also. cindy

i thought in cases such as hypoglycemia unawareness it was easier to get?

Thanks for doing this. We have been denied coverage for our son’s CGM and it is so frustrating. I will definitely post something.


I’m SO THRE!!! Heck YESS!!!..

I am actually waiting on the first attempt, but I know they will not do it. I know there will be a fight to be had here.

U know I will do this! I have a MySpace, a Plurk, Twitter, Brightkite account too so I will change my pic to this logo. I will try to send the link too, but will actually put it on my iWeb pages too.

Well, if you don’t want it… How old is it and what do you want for it? I found it to be quite accurate and it has worked well for me. So, let someone who really likes it buy it at a lower price from you.