CGMS Fangirl

I’ve been on CGM for a couple weeks now, and since starting it as well as the pump a week before, I’ve been more conscious about how many carbs I’m eating and actually bolusing before/during/immediately after eating.

Before the pump, I was pretty lazy. Sometimes I would sit around for 30-60 minutes before taking my shot. I wouldn’t pay much attention.

Well today I went out to eat with a co-worker and piddled/lost track and didn’t end up punching in my bolus until a while after finishing the meal.

WOW. What a huge difference this made. I had a huge spike, peaking at 276 (with two upward trend arrows for an hour!) before falling back down. Prior to this when I actually bolused at a correct time, the highest I ever peaked from a meal was around 200-220, and that was after an admitted carb counting mess up. Normally I haven’t been spiking more than 160-170 on weird bready meals, 130-150 on others, and sometimes I don’t spike at all (which is totally sweet and hope I can eventually get to this more).

It’s just amazing to see now that this is what probably happened multiple times a day for years before I was on the pump. I would always come back down for the most part before checking my sugar again, so I was really none the wiser. Well, that’s not entirely true. I knew I spiked high because I could feel it. I just didn’t know how much and convinced myself it was normal.

Pretty ridiculous.

CGM is amazing to me. I couldn’t be more hooked. Any imperfections or slight annoyances with the sensor are completely overshadowed by the amazing ability to be able to see what’s going on in my body at all times.