Cgms - to buy online?

So - getting one of the systems here is very expensive. and i was thinking maybe i could purchase on line... any ideas?

one needs a prescription for a CGM.

I Think i can get one from an American doctor (she's friends with my mom and dad - works in NY 5 months a year..... and on the rest she's here).

But do i have to be physically in the us?

You don’t need a prescription. You can buy them online here:

It says at the bottom of that diabetes supplies page - URL, "Physician Order: This item requires a physician order, please provide your physician's information during checkout. At this time we are unable to ship this product to North Dakota.
This product does not qualify for any additional discounts, coupons or promotions."

Correct. With a prescription your insurance is more likely to cover it, but there is nothing preventing you from paying for it yourself if you so choose.

no, it needs a prescription. one can't just buy a CGM, it's a medical device.

Well, the "insurance" here is actually provided by the government. but the CGMS are not included yet by the coverage.... only for very bad cases of Hypos...

In the US things are a bit messed up. I believe that diagnostic tests and equipment are not prescription controlled. There is no legal reason you can't go into a lab and order an A1c and pay for it out of pocket. But the payers (insurance) have colluded with the industry to establish policies that deny patients the ability to buy these types of equipment and services. If you walk into a lab and attempt to order an A1c test you will most likely be told that you must have a physician's order. If you get a lawyer and press the issue, they may cave, but it is fighting an uphill battle. I expect the CGMS is basically the same issue. The medical device makers have colluded with payers to establish policies requiring a physician order.

ps. You might ask why would this happen? I suspect it has to do with making sure there is no commercial free market that would drive prices down and steer profit away from physicians, medical device companies and payers.

It does state that at the bottom of the page, Sarah - but I just completed the entire purchase process and I received an order confirmation, and at no point was I asked for a physician's order or a physician's information.

Kittywolf - I'd give it a try if I were you if you're willing to pay out of pocket.

the order might have gone through but did you actually go through the process and pay for it and was it shipped? someone probably would have contacted you and you also wouldn't be able to get the sensors. one needs a Rx for a reason as well as some guidance and typically some training as they're inserting a cannula into the body to measure blood sugars. it's not a toy. if it stated needs a Rx then a Rx will eventually be required.

Yes, I paid for it, but cancelled the order before they shipped. If they do follow up and require a Dr's confirmation, it looks like Kittywolf has a sympathetic Dr in the US who would do that for her. Hence, to answer her original question, it looks like she can order this online if she's prepared to pay for it herself.

Yeah, that's gotta be it.

I mean, we all know that doctors and the rest of the health care industry are just a bunch of shady, greedy, dishonest bunch of grifters focusing their copious spare time on figuring out ways to screw their patients out of more money.

Having grown up with an Internist Dad, all I can say is that my direct, regular experience with the HC community doesn't comport with Brian's perspective at all. Every doctor I've known -- and that's many -- are good people, genuinely concerned with their patients health, overworked, and yes -- also concerned with patient finances and ability to pay.

The amount of "pro-bono" work that most doctors do is extraordinary, and goes completely without notice by us selfish, whiny, demanding patients.

How many of you out there donate your time at work, doing the job you are otherwise paid for for free?

Here's what I "know" from seeing this from the inside: Medical care is expensive. "High-touch" medical care is especially expensive. Yet, this is what we, as a society, demand. We don't always get what we want, not because someone else is nefariously blocking us or making it hard, but usually because it isn't possible.

I suspect the requirement for doctor's prescription has almost nothing to do with collusion to protect or enhance profits, and everything to do with legal protection from multi-billion dollar lawsuits due to idiots misusing the technology and getting in to trouble.

Personally, I lean rather libertarian politically. I'd like to see the entire prescription system abolished, allowing people the freedom to purchase whatever medicines, devices, etc. they want. So I don't have an over-weening attitude about this.

However, just because there are laws on the books that make it insane from a liability perspective not to require a prescription for these devices, doesn't mean there are bad actors trying to screw us.