Change in Dexcom Clarity

Has anyone else noticed that when you log into Dexcom Clarity, it no longer shows the carbohydrates? I have alerts, insulin and activity but am now missing when carbs are taken and how many are consumed. Do I need to go back to a paper log?

Are you accessing Dexcom Clarity via a phone app or by way of web-based program?

Web-based. On my phone I can see 24 hours but if I want to see my history and evaluate my decisions with carbs/insulin/ activity the web-based no longer shows carb intake.

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@Maureen5 The Clarity “Daily” report has an itemized list of carbs below the daily BG display

Not with the page I’m using. This is what I see:

It looks as though you get a page for each day. I wonder if somehow a setting got shifted. I don’t see where that would be.

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@Maureen5 You’re right, my Clarity “Daily” shows data for every day in the sequence, including carbs. Perhaps it’s because I’m in Canada which uses the Dexcom International servers and a slightly different app than what’s available in the USA

@Maureen5 – I haven’t used the daily or individual carb levels to inform my management so I haven’t noticed any change in the Clarity program. I use the 14-day AGP report to help me decide which changes, if any, I need to make to the insulin to carb ratios, basal rates, and insulin sensitivity settings in my pump program. If you’re MDI, you might prefer the daily view.

@Maureen5 I just did a test of entering a carb entry in the G6 app on my phone then logging in to the Clarity web site and the carb value appears on the Daily report.

Like you I can’t find any way to change what is displayed on the Events Details table. Please try going back to a day you’ve already reviewed the carbs for. Are the carb values displayed for that day?