Change in temp , change in insulin

Can someone explain why the change in temp can cause a neeed to change basal or bolus?

In hot weather the body uses more energy in cooling itself. It increases circulation to send more blood flow to the skin, which picks up insulin faster from an injection or infusion site, and speeds up the action of insulin. Most people are more active in the summertime and have less fat in their diet, as well. As these things happen, less background insulin may be needed to keep the blood sugar controlled during the summer, while just the opposite happens over the winter months.

I’ve also read this in the book: Think Like a Pancreas
I am currently experiencing a need to increase my basal because of the cooler weather (as nothing else has changed in my routine and I can’t find another explanation for the recent increases in my blood sugar readings).

I have 3 basal rates on my pump : one for average winter/summer weather , one for hot summer weather and one for cold winter weather …my days are usually simelar ( retired ) ; also eat same food during the 4 seasons/simelar amount of activity . I live in the interior of British Columbia , Canada an it can get COOL/HOT here .
MsBone summed it up !

Thank you to everyone! Diabetes certainly keeps you on your toes!