Lower Insulin Needs During Summer

So this is my first spring/summer on the pump and I have noticed I am more sensitive to insulin, is this common? Do you lower your basal rates during warm weather?

Also, do thinner people tend to need a smaller cannula? I am considered "underweight" and am having some issues with bleeding on the 9mm and am wondering it the 6mm would be a better choice.

Yes, my basal rates always go down across the board in the summer months. The warm weather generally makes you need less insulin, and I think this has to do with the heat causing the insulin to absorb faster or something. It's a pretty consistent for me. The transition seasons are the hardest for me because it will be warm one day and cold the next. So I'm running a lot of temp basals depending on the weather each day.

Awesome! I was noticing this trend and just wanted to ensure I was not alone or there was something else funky goin on. I've been having a lot of lows all of a sudden. Thanks! :)