Changing Habits

About 6 weeks ago, my wife came home from her Saturday morning Boot Camp training that she has been doing. The woman who leads them doesn’t just work them hard, she talks about living healthier in general. So, 6 weeks ago, she talked with them about eating habits. She specifically talked about the evils of soda and even Diet Soda. She told the group that if she had one wish for them it would be to eliminate all soda from their intake and replace it with healthier choices.

So, my wife comes home and talks about this with me. On a spur of the moment, I decided that I would try to see how long I could go without Diet Coke.

Now this is a crazy thing for me to try to do. I am one of those people that has been addicted to the stuff. I would buy it a case at a time and drink upwards of 6+ a day. Yeah, I know. Not good. But its just mostly water right? Is it really harmful to you? There are a ton of opinions out there about it and its hard to know who is right or wrong.

In any case, its been 6 weeks and no Diet Coke. I have been drinking ALOT more water than I have in the past, some Ice Tea, more milk. But NO diet coke.

The funny thing is for the most part… I don’t miss it. There is still a case or so out there in the Garage and I haven’t been tempted at all. The only time I was tempted was a trip to the movie threatre. There is something comforting about popcorn and a Diet Coke when watching a good movie.

Now, I started all of this right as I was being diangosed with Type 2. So, I definitely feel better with my blood sugars in line but I don’t know if any of my feeling better is the result of less caffeine and nutrasweet in my system.

Any of you have any thoughts? Just curious to know if anyone else had tried this and noticed anything positive or negative about getting rid of Diet Coke (or Nutrasweet).

I’m not a soda drinker, but I felt better after giving up caffeine, which wasn’t helping BG.

Phosphorus in soda is a culprit, I think. I don’t know how or if excess phosphorus effects BG, but it does cause imbalances in other minerals, especially calcium. When there isn’t adequate calcium in the blood, it’s leached from the bones.

Phosphorus is a culprit ONLY in colas BTW, since other sodas don’t use any AFAIK.
Myself I gave up on any and all aspartame use since it causes a (more or less) allergic reaction. Tested this in 1986 when I finally realized that my bg went higher every summer when the only real change in habits was to start drinking sodas again in warmer weather. So I went off of aspartame for a month or so, then at a company “picnic” (in a meeting room) at work I tested 121 before lunch, then has 2 cans of Diet Pepsi. Readings went to 307 an stayed exactly there for 7 hours, a totally unusual situation.
Unfortunately the reason this had become important was that in June of 1985 I had blood tests done for the then new Right To Know laws that found me with a 418, leading to persecution by a fellow I worked with. He was miffed because I got recognition for my creative work and he didn’t get any for his…regardless of the fact that I was actually WORKING, while he was taking endless time off for “health” reasons, all fake, way beyond company policy.
Interestingly HE was the one who told me and everybody else there what my reading was, the doctor never did, which is clearly illegal. After that I was assigned to run a machine, then the same company doctor said I couldn’t be allowed to run it since I’d “faint, fall over and hurt myself” and sue the company. When I asked why I hadn’t had any problems like that in the 4+ years I had already worked there he was suddenly deaf…
So I was treated as a “bad employee” for the next 5 years on that job. This was referred to right up to the day I was laid off, totally unlike any other employee.I refused to quite since I refused to let them win. I also became a diabetes activist, which is why I’m still online 23 years later helping other diabetics understand what we need to understand.

Well, it’s very nice that you tried this, just to accompany your wife! :slight_smile:
I’m trying to get rid of sugar as a first step at the moment, and it works out well!
I think it’s always only in our heads. For a long time, I thought it was a tarture to eat no sweets at all, because all of my life I suffered from them being “forbidden”, and one of my biggest conflicts in my diabetes therapy I had with people caring for me was about that “food issue”.
I had to let go this being important to me, but now I know that it was only myself who THOUGHT that I couldn’t go without.
So, great that you’ve shown that it IS possible to change habits! I think mostly it’s not about the stuff itself, but what it means to me.
I’ve never thought about sweeteners affecting my BS, but I will test this!
And don’t forbid something Totally, one coke at a time is no harm :wink:
I still eat cake when I’m invited and it does not turn me around again.

All the best!