Changing needles on your pen

I change them each time I inject. Five times per day.

For my Humalog, I change it when it becomes hard to inject (anywhere from 10-50 uses or so- I find that needle quality varies considerably). For my Lantus, one needle usually lasts me a whole pen. I understand everyone’s reasons for changing every time (I did when I first started) but I’ve been doing it this way for years, and haven’t had a problem, so I stick with it. It’s less about the money and more about there being one less thing to think about. I will say, though, that even though I reuse the needles on my Humalog pen, I do unscrew it every single time. I found that leaving the needle attached allowed air to leak into the pen, and would lead to decreased pressure when I injected, which I worried might affect absorption. Since the Lantus just sits by my bed, it doesn’t tend to get bounced around enough to take in much air, so I leave that needle screwed on.

That’s interesting. Do you just unscrew it or take it completely off?

wow, you all are making me feel bad! lol, i guess i should be better about changing mine!

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I know this was typed months ago, but I’m just reading past discussions on the site and came across this one today.
LOL! Thanks Robert. It’s been one of those … um… Mondays and I sure needed a laugh.
Now you should come back with … "no really, are you supposed to change them?"
Still giggling…

Thought this might be of some interest to this thread. While browsing the Novo Nordisk website I discovered this new NovoTwist needle. Its new to me anyway. I’m beginning to think I’m the last to hear about anything. (sigh)

They only work on the Next Generation FlexPen - something else I didn’t know about. So I immediately looked to see whether the FlexPens I have are Next Generation FlexPens and sure enough they are. They will take either the old screw on/off needles AND the NovoTwist needles. This might help to change the needles more often.

I change mine every time. I dont like to use them over and over again

do u take the needle off the pen than put it back on to reuse it?

I hang onto the little blue “disposable” needle cover and put it back on the needle when I’ve used it, followed by the clear plastic cover. Then I stow it, attached to the pen, for one more use and then toss it.
I’ve seen pictures of two needles, one after half a dozen uses next to the new one and boy is that baby messed up! They’re made really really tiny and delicate and I guess going through our tough old hide is rough on them, but those are pretty jagged edges on well-used needles, so I have to ask Sally . . .
Isn’t 14 uses a lot? Doesn’t it hurt a bit after 2 or 3 times? I’m totally new at this insulin injecting and you’re way more knowledgeable than I, but I wish you could change up a little more often. I’d be afraid of picking up some kind of infection that you can’t treat while you’re pregnant. Skin is loaded with bacteria too. Maybe you could change up more at least while you’re carrying that little bundle?
I know you’re in the Philippines. I know you’re being extra careful. I worry.

Every time we use it.

I change my needles with each use because these needles are not like the needles of the past, these needles are made for one time use only! Problems can arise with reuse. Tiny microscopic particles stay on the needle after use and even though there your particles the can cause infection and other problems! Also the needles are lubricated and after use that’s gone causing a more painful injection. Also the needles dull easily ! The can bend and you wouldn’t be able to see it with the naked eye. Its very important to me to use a new needle each time! I worked in the health care field for twenty years so I know what goes on microscopicaly so I think that is why I’m so worried about it! However I must be honest if my insurance didn’t cover my needles I would do what I had to do to make it through the month. Sometimes we are forced to do things we would rather not do to get us through the month! I must say I’m greatful my needles are covered. So if your needles are covered by insurance there is no reason to reuse. If your covered be safe and use a fresh sterile needle each time you inject.

must be medicare?

I agree totally with you and I’m also changing needles everytime. We are fortunate enough to have insurance cover our needles. This is a huge problem for many people. Many people are forced to reuse because of insurance. My heart goes out to these people. I really don’t know what id do if I wasn’t covered by insurance. These company’s should be ashamed of themselfs not covering needles for diabetics! This is a huge problem soo many people are forced to reuse because of insurance.

America has many things - gadgets such as glucose key chains etc, but UK has it better in that when a person is diagnosed diabetic all prescription charges are history! We get foot care, ALL prescriptions, whether diabetes related or not, eye tests … for free! Whether we are working or not. I thank God that I live in the UK for that reason. Unfortunately there has been some debate about how many testing strips one is entitled to. Some doctors say 50 per month. Others say 100 but I have 200! If I do not test 5 or more times a day which I should really, I can save them up and now have testing strips and insulin distributed around various places in case I have forgotten something. In my church, in my mother’s house and at a friends’ house.

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I am using a SoloStar pen with Lantus; 20 units daily. During a hospital stay, I found out they were using a NovoPen, with separate pen needles, like I use (but I use the BD pen needles). I had 3 of the NovoPen needles left over, and just discovered them. I tried one of them on my SoloStar as an experiment tonight, and it worked! Much better than the BD's because of the spring-loaded sleeve! Much more comfortable, and easier to use.

Now, was I a dumb idiot? Or is it possible to use NovoPen needles on my SoloStar?

Chaplain ET

Hello Chaplain ET
I use a SoloStar pen with Lantus (rapid) and also SoloStar Apidra (long lasting). My dose is much higher than yours so I am using one or the other pen 4 times a day. I have the novofine needles too. Because of my dose level I do have to waste whole units in the pens as I think more then 4 times a day sticking myself is enough (wont split the dose). I do so hate the waste though. Have you tried BD Ultra-Fine III short pen needles? They are less painful but very fine and can only be used once as they bend easily. I have been on insulin for a couple of months and cant believe how much better I feel. I suspect I have been out of control for a very long time. Today I start an exercise program set up for diabetics and I am looking forward (ok thats kinda strong) to seeing the difference. Wish me luck or maybe endurance :))

Before every injection unless I don’t have another one with me.

What about testing lances. Do you reuse them?

I usually wait untill the lances are so dull they hurt. Even a new one hurts once in a while.