OK let's be honest

How often do you change lancets and needles?

I tend to use mine several times especially the lancets. It’s not a money thing because I’m blessed with good insurance thru my employer. I guess I just lazy. I find changing lancets to be a bother and might use the same one for a few days. With needles I might reuse them a couple of times but never for more than a day.

I might be stirring up a hornets nest but I’m just wondering if I’m the only one that does this.

Ha not at all…

I change my lancet every time I recalibrate machine with a new pack of strips, so every 50 tests or so.

My pen needles I change every time I change a cartridge, about once a week. So I use the needle around 40 times before it is changed.

Bad practice, my supplies are free on the NHS so it’s not an issue of cost, it’s a mixture of laziness, I would obviously change if the needle was blunt or the injections were painful. But it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Lancets every tube of strips. I have a pump now but when I had needles, I’d just change them when the paint wore off. I had an R needle (i.d.'ed w/ duct tape…) and an NPH needle so they’d just last a while. I don’t think it’s a “bad practice” as I shot 1984-2008 with zero problems doing this. I might’ve been cautious right off the bat but quickly found it onerous to keep up with the amount of garbage diabetes generates.

Well, to be honest, I change my lancet when it starts to hurt me. It could be 40 tests, 10 tests, whatever. I never bought into the whole, “It gets dull after 2 uses” crap. LOL

As for needles? I use a pen, so I use 1 needle tip for my 3 novo-rapid shots, and then for my 1 levemir shot. I find that the tip gets clogged from the levemir shot, so that means I use 1 tip per day.

The pharmacy expressed their concern. I told them that if they still wanted my business, they’d butt out. LOL

Of course you’re not the only one! The companies want you to use a new one every time so they can sell more! But As long as you’re the only one using the lancet, why not? Skin is just not that hard, and the metal doesn’t dull THAT easily. Some of us have a joke that you change your lancet when you change the clocks! Or when you change your smoke alarm battery. Of course, in Arizona, they never change the clocks, so maybe they never change the lancets, either??? :slight_smile:

I change my lancet weekly. I am on an insulin pump, so I test 8 - 10 times daily X 7 days = 56 - 70 pricks per lancet. I use the Accu-Chek Multi-Clix lancing tool.

Yep, I’m with the group that changes with the time change, or if the lancet feels dull.
My stash will probably outlive me.

I change my Lancet about once a month. I use AccuChek Lancing tool and it has about 10 depths to lance the finger. I have never gotten to 10. My syringe I usually change about every 6th use, or if I see any blood in the syringe or if the needle isn’t as sharp as it should be. I am the only one using the lancet and syringe and have never had any trouble.