Changing needles on your pen

EVERY TIME! I’m lucky in that I only have to inject once a day (I’m a newbie on Lantus), and because I get all my supplies from the local air force base hospital pharmacy here (I’m a disabled vet). I don’t like the idea of injecting with dull needles after four or five times of usage.

Heh, I do it every time. I'm still new to all of this so it may be me being to worrisome, but my doctor freaked me out by showing me these pictures of fibrocollagenous (is this the right word/spelling) cases. He said it happens if you don't rotate and if you use the same needle over and over.. Probably a bit fabricated but who knows. I'm gonna keep playing it safe for now.

I change mine every time, of course I only use 1 a day. I don't worry about getting a prescription. I can buy the Relion brand at Walmart without a prescription. I pay about $10 for 50. When I buy syringes for my dog, I don't need a prescription either.

I am one of those that reuses lancets until they are dull too.

Do you use the name brand pen needles or store brand?

> How often do you change the needle on your pens?

Nobody, anywhere recommends this but I only change the needle occasionally. Or when it starts to feel dull; or if it gets bent; or if the pen is used in a potentially dirty environment. Sometimes not until I toss the pen. I seldom use the alcohol swab too. I've never had an infection.

Hey, I just noticed: My NovoFine 30's have an expiration date! Now why would a needle have an expiration date? One of my boxes has an expiration date of 12.10.01 and the needles work like new. Obviously I'm saving way too much money using my needles judisciously.

+1. No exceptions.

To avoid infection. Also, they put a thin lubrication layer on them when they are manufactured that decreases the chance of a painful poke.


every injection

I change it everytime. I've tried to use it more than once and sometimes the needle gets bent.

I change my needles after every use

sometimes if I'm in a rush i will accidentally go to unwind the needle, then pull it off and it has bent, first time this happened i got so scared.

Normally every time I use them. I have occasionally gone somewhere expecting to be out for lunch, but then got stuck where I was and had to use the needle over for dinner, but that is rare, and something I try to avoid. If I know I may be out for two meals, I take a second needle with me. I attach the needle before I go out, and take the cover off so I can attach the pen cap. It works for me. I've been using pens for 20 years, and using a needle twice has only happened a handful of times.

I find the needle gets bent when you try to put the inner cover back on. Not always, but I have never bent a needle inside my skin. I know you're not supposed to put the inner cover back on, but I've never been good at following all the rules.