Changing pod site

How often do you change your pod site? I recently started with the OmniPod (Saturday June 27) and have changed twice already. Just wondering what the average wearing time is…

My Pod’s last for about three days. The only time I need to change them before they run out of insulin is when there is an occlusion or anything else that causes them to fail. I think the wear time also depends on how much insulin your using.

Between 72 to 80 hours of use. At 80 hours of use it will deactivate by itself. I always use it for 77 to 79 hrs, but as stated by Red, it all depends how much insulin you use.

You can find more info here

Three days. But at first, it was more often mostly because we were learning where to put it and how it would stick best. Once some of the learning curve was behind us and we had confidence in his settings and placement and whatnot, it’s three days.

I usually change it right at 80 hours unless i’m out of insulin. It’s pretty much out of lazieness that I wait so long. That’s one of the reasons I switched to the pod because I wouldn’t switch out the sites (had a cozmo) and then I would get bad sites and such. Hopefully things are going well for you!

Yes, it seems to be going well. My bgs have been all over the place for a couple days, of course using more insulin to control. Hopefully I will get through the learning curve and things will settle. then maybe I will be going for a full three days before having to change the Opod. Thanks! I think I just need to do some tweaking! Also suppose to see CDE to learn more about counting carbs…any suggestions…books?