How often do you change your pod?

I find that I am now changing the pod every 2 days. I seem to be using more insulin when I put it on my arm’s then if I put it on my stomach. On my stomach, it lasts appox 2 1/2 days. I really would like to see it go for 3 days. Any advice??? Thanks

Hello, I am interested in the pod, and I’m probably getting a head of myself here, but if you know the answer to this question please let me know. I currently inject 100 units of lantus daily, and another 30 to 40 units of humalog, it seems to me the 200 unit reserve of the pod won’t go very far, just over one day if i stay at that rate, when you switch to the pod or any pump does the amount of insulin used go down, or is the same amount just delivered differently? thanks for your help

In light of the problems many, many people have experienced with Pod adhesive allergy (mine did not set in until well through the first year of Pod-ing) I would suggest swiching as often as possible. 2 days is best. My endo., who is excellent and has treated Type I’s, makes all of her pumpers (Pod-ers or traditional) change every two days. My Pod allergy became so bad that I had to give up the device altogether, and I know I am not the only one who has had to do that. Insulin absorption in abdominal areas is always better than that from the arms, which is why you require more daily insulin when you are using the arm sites.

The OmniPod system is not friendly towards people who use a lot of insulin. I doubt any insurance company would allow you to change your Pods daily, and that’s what you would need to do, given the large amount of insulin you require daily.