Chest colds and infections

I have a really bad upper respiratory infection, after my 3rd day I went to my doctor she put me on antibiotics zithromicin and a cough syrup. my b/s have been all over the place, my real problem is dizziness, im sever dizziness, I have never been sice since diganosed with type-2 3 years ago, has anyone been though this?

Have you had your Vitamin D level checked ? I am taking Vit. D supplements and have not had a chest cold for at least 2 years …and Oh, my colds are uncomfortable …people with diabetes are prone to Vit . D shortage …get welll soon !

Ms. Nel

Thanks for your response, I have not been on Vit-D, I will try some though, I love this site, its a great help . Do you special order them or can I find them at the grocery store?

I purchase mine at Safeway Pharmacy , here in my town , Canada , my Doc( through the local Lab ) did do a bloodtest on my request and my level is OK .I do suffer from osteporosis ( a side effect of having type 1 diabetes and being as " old " as I am , ha, ha …) ; broke my wrist several years ago and the Surgeon recommended for both Hubby and I to take 1000 iu daily …he does not have diabetes. Sun is lacking in winter.

Just recently, yes. Infections do raise glucose levels like crazy. As always, it should soon pass…

Get well soon, buddy!

Thanks Jovanni, I appreciate the help and support!