Choosing a CGM

Not sure I would describe frequent BG or CGM checks as obsessive. Frequent monitoring of a biological system that runs automatically for most people but we must manage manually is no more obsessive than regular breathing. :wink:

I’ve happily used Dexcom systems for 9.5 years now. Good luck with your CGM pick. Please let us know what you decide and any thoughts once you start using it.


Since I want to live a long, long time assuming I continue to be healthy, I see no other alternative. :grin:

Well, at the time I acquired a CGM I didn’t need alarms. I have got spoiled now and rely on low alarm sometimes otherwise I still don’t need them. I check BG levels frequently and I am well aware of my levels and trends at any given moment. The only reason for getting a CGM was a convenience of living without fingersticks, it makes a life a little more easier when all what I need to do to know my BG level is to glance down at a portable device screen.


I went from testing 17x a day, on average, for many years, up until roughly 16 months ago when I started using the g5. Now my average number of tests is below 5. I love it.


I have been using various Medtronic CGMs. Guardian sensor has been a big improvement over Enlite sensor, but it’s still a lot less accurate than I understand the DEXCOM G6 is. Now that Medicare is my primary insurer, they do not cover the Medtronic CGMs, even though Medtronic advertises its 670G pump with Guardian sensor as a nearly artificial pancreas. Hardly! Fortunately, my secondary insurer (Tricare) will pay 80% of the cost, but that still leaves me with having to pay over $100 per month for CGMs. That is why I’m in the process of switching to the G6 (and possibly the Tandem X2 slim pump). There will be no out of pocket cost for the G6, since Medicare pays it.

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I’ve used both and it sounds like the Libre would work better for you since you don’t need the alarms. I, however, cannot wear the Libre because I’m extremely allergic to whatever they use in their adhesive, to the point of burning my skin after 2 days. When I called their support line, their fix was for me to stop using it, which was unfortunate since I really liked the device.

Fortunately, the Dexcom (G5 for me) does not irritate my skin whatsoever which is why I tried it to begin with - they said it was a different adhesive and they didn’t lie. Now that I’ve used it for over a year, I love the alarms and really like the integration to my Smart Watch. Graphs, BG value, and BG direction on my wrist anytime - extremely useful unobtrusive.

You can’t go wrong with either, both were accurate enough for me, both did a great job and one continues to do so with no irritation. I’d have trouble keeping my A1C acceptable without it.


Thanks Rob. It is wonderful that you found a device which you can wear without irritation.

Just a quick heads up. Dexcom G6 will begin rolling out for Medicare patients only after April 2019 so you can go on G5 for now and they will automatically upgrade you when they roll out Medicare patient use or wait. Since there are often delays between anticipated and actual roll out dates, you may want to go on G5 for now.

I for one, will give a big thumbs up for the G5–it works great for me, as it does for my wife. One shouldn’t have a bad experience compared to the g6; in fact the opposite MAY be the case.

You’re such an inspiration, Marilyn!

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Thanks so very much Leslie. What a nice thing to hear on my birthday. You made my day.

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Happy Birthday Marilyn! :syringe::syringe::cake:

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Marie, was that with a Dexcom G6?
(sorry if this was already answered, I couldn’t find it!)

@bort269 Yes it was a Dexcom 6!

Thanks… great to know!