Chronic illness state of the market debate

I stopped looking at my insurance details a long time ago.
I think the last time I really considered what I was paying was pre-Obama time frame.
Then, there was so much restructuring, I got freaked out and stopped looking at it.

However, when my friend with chronic illness got a new job, I freaked out and told him he HAD to go in and talk to someone about the details and verify that there would be a smooth transition. He did.

He told me the other day that he is up to date on plan details and he thinks I have a bad plan or that I am miscalculating. In my imagination, I was paying $20,000 per year, including premiums. He said that I was crazy, I wasn’t paying that. So, I looked at the details. He’s right. I am paying $10,000 annually for medical expenses, including premiums. I just capped out the maximum out of pocket. So, that is about where it should stay until the end of the year. My current annual medical expenses = $10,000, roughly $800 per month.

He thinks that is still far too much. My friend expects a normal market valued plan to cap out around $2,500, with an additional $250/mo in premiums. So, should expect $5,000 annual total cost of health care, or around $400 per month.

I might be getting screwed. But, then I saw this today: Article

I’m worried that I am making major life decisions based on crazy data.
Which one of us is right? We are in the same field. He takes jobs that I don’t because I imagine that I will never be able to survive. Am I crazy? I might be.