Chronically low lymphocyte count?


i have had a below normal lymphocyte count since 2015. a low lymphocyte count is associated with higher risk of infections, which i do seem to get in the spring. the past two years my vitamin d has been at a normal level, so it’s not related to that. my last A1c was the best ever at 5.1, so it doesn’t seem to be related to that. anyone also have chronically low lymphocyte numbers?


mmh I don´t know anything regarding lymphocyte counts but looking into the online web I found fasting, intense physical stress, chemotherapy/radiation therapy, and viral infections such as the flu and hepatitis can also cause acute lymphocytopenia. Has your doctor prescribed any further tests? Hope you are doing ok. Your A1c is great! :slight_smile:


my doctors will not be proactive unless i make an argument to be so. now i’m drilling down on this issue since low lymphocytes also leave the body more vulnerable to cancer besides other infections.


I hear you…been there, not all doctors are open to discussion. :frowning:


I have had low WBC for a long time since dka. It went back to normal for a while but went back to low last test. It’s not super low. I also have low vitamin d and high pth. My hematologist said not to worry after doing more extensive blood counts. Another weird thing is my b12 is pretty high


how are your lymphocytes?


Are lymphocytes on the normal blood panel? I can’t remember at the moment. I don’t know for sure. I haven’t been to the hematologist since last year. I think he said they were ok and nothing to worry about. When in dka or before that I had a reactivation of Epstein Barr. That could have been involved in a lot of things going on with me. He retested for that 2 years ago or more but I’ve never gotten the office to give me those results. It’s impossible to get them on the phone. They did mail me my blood work records but not the eb and other tests.


Likely depends what you mean by “normal blood panel”. Two of the more common tests done as part of an annual or nothing special would be:
Complete Blood Count with differential (CBC w/diff)
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

Lymphocytes as both a percentage and absolute would be on the CBC w/diff.


Thanks. I have to check my last CBC online . Endo does everything 4x per year.