Good Test Results but

I had another A1C done last weekend.
My average BG is...6.0 (I thought it would be lower...but it has come a long way. Now that I'm on insulin it should be even better).
My total cholesteral is...128 (100 - 199)
TRIGLYCERIDES 23 (0 - 149 mg/dL)
HDL CHOLESTEROL 80 (>39 mg/dL)
Anyway, my entire panel was really good...
My white blood cell count was low.
The doctor wants me to return.
For the record I am pretty certain of the reason.
I'm Type 1 (.5) and I read that autoimmune diseases (because I do have the GAD antibodies that are wreaking havoc on my Beta cells) cause lowered WBC numbers.
However, I am a WORRIER when it comes to things of this nature.
I know I'm not HIV positive (had all the tests and I've not been sexually active in...uhm...nevermind).
The only thing I can really point to is the fact that I have an autoimmune disease (that and the fact that I went without insulin for so long that my BETA cells are probably almost destroyed).
As I've stated before my entire panel was excellent (except this)...
So I don't understand...
I generally never get sick.
I don't have any slow to heal wounds.
The last time I was ill was six months ago when I went into DKA
(and was subsequently hospitalized).
After diagnosis I started taking: Vitamin D (gummies), Daily low dose aspirin, Metformin (1,000 milligrams a day), A low dose statin at night (Crestor), Vitamin C (for my immune system. Go figure), and I recently started taking some B12 vitamins too.
Now, I'm dosing insulin (14 units a day), which has helped me feel even better.
Could my test be wrong?
Has anyone else been through this?
What was advised to you?

Grats on the excellent numbers!

As far as your low WBC goes, there isn't a causal relationship between an autoimmune diease that destroys beta cells in your pancreas and a low WBC count.

There are any number of things that can bring down your WBC. Could just be a viral infection but I wouldn't want to speculate. I think your doctor is definitely doing the right thing by following up. Having a low WBC, in and of itself, isn't cause to worry, neccessarily.

Hi Type1Tommy: I cannot comment on your WBC, but definitely agree with FHS to follow up with your doc. But your other numbers are excellent! A huge congratulations to you. Way to take charge of your health.

I was actually reading about it on the Mayoclinic and there is literature discussing the difference in WBC's in people of African descent (black people) and European descent (white people). On average black people have lower WBC's than white people...
I am actually Biracial (African American father/Caucasian mother)so I'm wondering could this be what is going on?
That and I've also ready that some laboratories have a different threshold than others.
Anyway, all I know is that I feel really great. I still made a follow up appointment anyway.

Hello Type2Tommy, do you still have the same problem?

Actually I have the same problem. I have lower WBC (repeated 2012 Mar/Jul). I am an East Asian. I went to see a hematologist (2012 Oct) and it was slightly improved. Mar/Jul my neutrophil was 1100 but Oct it was 1300. WBC was 3.7 so slightly lower than range but the Doc think it's possibly there are ethnic groups where 5 % or more are in the range of 1000 to 1500 and have no problems whatsoever.

Now though - my absolute eosinophil count is 600. This is above average (increased from Mar/Jul). He performed stool test to eliminate the possibility of parasite, which came back negative so he ordered cortisol test.

Have you ever had this problem? or only low WBC?