CIGNA insurance with OmniPod vs. other pumps

So, I have about 15 days left in my trial period, and I’m having some troubles with making a commitment…

My dad has CIGNA insurance (PPO) and I have yet to receive information about coverage or whatnot. We ordered the Pod with BCBS, which was a month before the switch…

I was wondering if any current users have CIGNA, even better PPO, that know about coverage??

So I have decided that if the Pod’s have poor or no coverage, it’s a definite “no”. We can’t afford to pay 1,000+ dollars for a 90 day supply, especially because of my Dad’s job change…
If I can get CIGNA to pay 100 percent for a different pump “machine” then I’ll probably switch to that, and I would assume that infusion sets are significantly cheaper…

I love my OmniPod and all it has to offer, but I would be willing to switch for financial reasons… OmniPod or not, a pump is so much better than shots, I think everyone could agree!

Thanks a bunch (:

I have cigna oap, similar to cigna pos, and they use some outsourcing service called carecentrix which is who evaluates the claims and fulfills them for pumps, I checked and Omnipod is covered. but I don’t know 100% for PPO. My daughter chose the minimed, but I went through the entire process and spoke to carecentrix myself.
call cigna, number on the back of your card. I bet they cover it. If they don’t answer you try CARECENTRIX 800-808-1902. If my son gets D I will get him the Omnipod. I would like to get my daughter the 2nd generation of it.
I hope that helps.

Insulet can help you. Call and tell them that you need to know if your new insurance will cover it, and if not you’ll have to go to something else. They are highly motivated to help you because otherwise they lose a customer.
Trust me, their insurance-coverage people are much more experienced and adept at navigating the insurance providers’ bureaucracies than we are!

I have Cigna PPO and both OmniPod and Medtronic were completely covered–was researching both, but of course went with the Pod :). Hope you can get some info from them soon! I know it’s so frustrating having to wait!!