New to OmniPod

Hi guys i have been interested in the omnipod for a while now and have already talked to my doctor and sent the forms in last week. Just got a call today from Insulet and talked about my benefits and now we are waiting for approval from care centric the third party people for approval from cigna. Does anyone know how long this usually takes? And how long shipping takes once im approved? Thanks guys!

Josh, it didn’t take long at all. Once your Dr. or Insulet rep gets approval from your insurance (mine literally took less than 2 days), then my order was placed with Edgepark (partner of Insulet/Omnipod). I think the entire process took less than 2 weeks. You won’t regret it! It’s awesome, no more shots and so convenient!


Mine also was shipped almost immediately after approval. And they sent I believe 3 months worth but I think that varies with your coverage. So far I really like my Omnipod, I’m fairly new and there are some things I wish they’d change but overall, pretty happy. Good luck!

I went on it from a traditional pump so I purchased the PDM and ins covers the pods. Sorry no help here but once approved they will ship out right away. With all my other pumps it usually took a few wks from start till I got the pump and then you will have to schedule training as well. Good luck

josh i have been on the omnipod for a month and i have been diabetic for 34years so this really was a big step and so far i love it there has been some bad pods but so far its been great best of luck to you. diabetic derry.

Hi Josh,

Be sure to get an explanation of benefits in writing from both care centric (your third party provider) and from Cigna. I relied on an email message from my third party Pod provider, Neighborhood Diabetes, that was totally inaccurate as to BC/BS coverage allowances. After almost a year of “Podding” I received a letter from Neighborhood Diabetes asking for my help to settle the claim with BC/BS. Turns out they didn’t do their homework with BC/BS.

Hey Josh,

I’m with Cigna as well. It only took a day or two for approval and then it was shipped the very next day to my educator. I’ve been on the system just over a month and it’s been great. I actually experienced my first pod error this morning while I was taking my jacket off. I wondered, at the time, if it could’ve been static related. Called Insulet and gave them the codes. They were extremely helpful. I’ve been a pumper for over 5 years and going with the Omnipod and getting rid of tubing has been an awesome experience. Wish I had done it sooner. My numbers have been a whole lot better. Hope you have the same positive results. You will love it!



I recently switched to Cigna and had to go through Care Centric as well. I contacted them early August to check on my benefits. It took 2 weeks before I heard back from Insulet with approval and then it took only a few days to get my pods. (I had the pods in hand by the beginning of September.)

Enjoy your OmniPod!! It’s wonderful!

My forms were faxed in and I got a call about checking with my insurance. Literally 10 minutes later I got another call with approval. They got the shipping info and payment and I had the stuff within a couple of days. You will be amazed at the freedom it allows!

The timing is about a month. I had a series of doc apts (including 2 nutritionist) with my doctor before I could get on. Then 4 apts for training. i’m on month 5 and a believer. My A1C went from 7.7 to 6.8 and I know its lower now. I have it dialed in right and I have no high/lows swings. It did take me about 2 months to get the routine now, but its easy and I like it. Rely on this site for information… I found it very helpful with the doc visits.

Oh my- everything went super fast for us. About a month and it was all done, she is now a pumper! We love, love it. I’m happy to answer any questions you have, but we’ve only been on since 10/5.


Hi nicole, what was your coverage through cigna because i have a $625 deductible for the year and will reset the 1st of the year so i am being forced to wait til january to get the pod so that way i dont end up paying the 625 now and they again in like april or so.

Hi guys, im bummed out because i have cigna and i have a deductible of $625 and which will reset the 1st of the year so i find myself in a pickle because if i pay the 625 it will cover me for this year which is only 6 weeks and then reset next year and will end up paying it again until it is met. So i have decided to wait the 6 weeks, even though i dont want to. Im a college student and i am trying to save myself some money.