Cinnamon cures obesity too

Cinnamon not only cures diabetes; it now officially cures obesity too! How wonderful


Not so sure that it “cures”.

Cinnamon cures nothing. I wonder why media keep repeating cinnamon cure stories.

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The same reason Gwyneth Paltrow sells goop

Heck, I probably weigh about 3lbs then?

Cinnamon doesn’t cure anything. It doesn’t even cure the craving for cinnamon. You just keep needing more. :sunglasses:

It’s the cinnamon cartel. The OGCC as it’s commonly referred to.

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Now if it would just grow hair on my bald head I’d be all set. :wink:

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I sprinkle cinnamon on my latte every morning, but I haven’t lost any weight. Pity.

Actually, they might be on to something. From WebMD

Very high quantities of cassia cinnamon may be toxic, particularly in people with liver problems.

CINNABONS FOR EVERYONE? 1000 calories and GOK how many carbs? No problem – cinnamon in 'em cancels it all out…


Cinnamon in excessively high doses is indeed toxic. That’s been known for some time.

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thanks a lot for this. i didn’t know about the fact that it can be toxic. i’ve heard that it can cure obesity and i was taking it in excesive doses. been feeling like i had to research this firstly. gonna stop doing it otherwise i am afraid i’m going to extra health issues besides those that i already have

It can assist in a any post meal spikes but the AMOUNT you would actually need for this to help is not realistic. Feel free to sprinkle cause it makes things taste sweet but it’s not going to produce much noticeable difference. It still has benefits.

Cure is probably not correct - help CONTROL is more accurate. I typically add ground cinnamon to my breakfast. A T2D friend swears that Ceylon Cinnamon is best and helps him.

Pure BS - and I’m not talking Blood Sugar. Cinnamon has been studied multiple times - but the results so far are very inconclusive. And the research that supports the lie is based on TINY “studies” that are rife with faults. To the extent that some valid research supports the idea that cinnamon lowers blood glucose, the amount by which it does so is tiny - nothing that would lead to being able to quit “diet” (carb limitation) and exercise, or drop other meds if you’re using them.

And just for clarification - to the extent cinnamon has been found to help a little - it’ in TYPE 2 - NOT t1. It is believed that the effect cinnamon has, for SOME folks, is to improve insulin sensitivity - which is the underlying malfunction in the T2 biochemical system.

The PRIMARY help from cinnamon is as an alternative to sweeteners… for flavour that contributes no carbs or glucose.


It might just work. Simply mix a cup of cinnamon into every and each meal you prepare for yourself, It will taste so awful you will be on a zero calorie diet. And voila lbs roll off and bgs go down.


It reminds me of the chocolate helps weight loss hoax/prank, done by scientists to show that a.) it’s possible to do small studies on nutrition and come up with positive findings as long as you include enough outcome measures and only publish the ones that “work”, and b.) the media will then mis-report on that and blow it way out of proportion:


Keeping your study small and/or cherry-picking the data are time-honored ways of “proving” whatever argument it is you want to advance. Ancel Keys used the techniques to great effect as have hundreds of others.