CINNAMON " Spices of Life "

There seems to be a huge discussion going on about Cinnamon and Blood Sugars. Anyone catch it? The article was written by Barbara Wexler, MPH.

The article states that " Cinnamon Lowers Blood Sugar ", both in humans and animals. Appears that studys have been going on since 2003. This spice of life is an: Antioxidant, Antimicrobal, Will the Scent of Cinnamon Boost your Brain Power, or Calm you Down.

Has anyone else been following Cinnamon. If so can you share your feelings with us. If Cinnamon does
all the the article states, it would sure be a cost saver.

Hi Chelle thanks for opening up this new discussion. I take 2 Cinnamon capsules 1000mg daily for the last 6 months. I absolutley do notice the effect it has on my Blood Sugar. I am Type 1 and am always looking for ways to keep sugars lower and for me if I am eating right it knocks off 50 points and up! If I am eating terrible and my sugars are running high over 300 I don’t notice a thing. I soon plan to try DR. Bernsteins approach and see if I can do even better.

HI Chele, I am T-2 and it does nothing for me. Would be interested to hear from other T-2’s in this discussion on this subject. My girlfriend keeps saying I should take it but I see no change

I put a good amount in the flax seed muffins I eat for breakfast I eat almost every day. I see no effect. I have a jar of capsules I bought when first diagnosed but stopped taking when I saw no improvement. I think I’ll try the 1000mg dose and see what happens. The may be another case of YMMV.

Like BadMoonT2, I have fallen in love with that flax meal muffin and eat it with the cinnamon almost every am. I haven’t noticed anything, but I was thinking that I may buy the 1000mg capsules, too, if others notice a change.

Well, Dr. B does not recommend Cinnamon. The research on Cinnamon is inconclusive. I never found it affected my blood sugar one way or the other, even taking capsules of the stuff. I would also note that Ms. Wexler has a book on the topic: Cinnamon. It is probably prudent to consider whether the article may be part of her marketting outreach for her book.

Here is what I know about Cinnamon (1)

Cinnamon made the news in 2003 with the publication of a study in the journal Diabetes Care (2). The study reported that cinnamon supplementation (1, 3, or 6 gms per day) was associated with a reduction in fasting glucose (18-29%), triglycerides (23-30%), and LDL cholesterol (7-27%) in patients with type 2 diabetes. Since then, two other studies have been published which reported no significant changes in fasting plasma glucose or A1c’s (glycosylated hemoglobin) with cinnamon administration. (2)

Fewer than one hundred patients received cinnamon in all three studies combined, the studies were relatively short, and it is difficult to standardize cinnamon, all of which make it difficult to draw conclusions. If you do decide to try cinnamon, you certainly need to discuss it with your provider because if cinnamon does reduce blood sugar, you might have hypoglycemic episodes. A reasonable dose would probably be 1.5 to 2 grams per day; however, I would suggest not taking this until more is known about it.

In a recent three-month study, 43 non-insulin-dependent people with type 2 diabetes were given either a daily dose of 1000 milligrams of cinnamon or a placebo.

In contrast, a previous study found that a daily cinnamon hit caused a dip in blood sugar and cholesterol in people with type 2. None of that first group was taking diabetes medicines, however, unlike the current group, most of whom were on diabetes medications.

  • Two types of Cinnamon – Cassia and Ceylon
  • Cassia has more coumarin than Ceylonese
  • Almost all Cinnamon in the US is Cassia, Ceyonese is rare and expensive
  • Coumarin, similar to warfarin is toxic in large quantities

(1) Medline Plus, Diabetes Care, September 2007
(2) Cinnamon Improves Glucose and Lipids of People With Type 2 Diabetes -- Khan et al. 26 (12): 3215 -- Diabetes Care

I hear you BSC, and have read the studies that are out there. There are other effects, then lower Bg. Since I also have Cancer and Heart problems to me it’s worth a try. Have only started taking this past Monday, have noticed Bg’s are more flatline.

Have not noticed a drop in Insulin as yet, but will judge in a month when new blood cells form. In reading the studies, I have found no " life threatening " side effects listed. Since the studies cover 2003 through 2008, I would think nothing diff. will be know till 2013 ( 10 yr. research ). If one or two Diabetics can be helped, to me it would be worth a try.


When I was eating oatmeal for breakfast, I added cinnamon after it was cooked. It made my blood sugar rise more slowly which allowed my insulin to better keep up with my bg rise. I didn’t need less insulin, though.

I know cinnamon isn’t good for me because I like it with sugar on hot butter toast…huge…carbs!

Hot buttered toast and cinnamon, my down fall. With low carb. bread it is still a great choice. Bread is not bad either.

Well, Happy Birthday to me. I shall enjoy the low-carb muffins I made from Linda’s recipe. Also, have been using the cinnamon for a week and so far my BG’s have been running 20mgs’ below my normal ranges. Engery is alo improving, now; to see how long this will last. Wish me luck. By the way, the hot buttered low carb. bread with cinnamon and splenda is great.

Hi there!
I work in a clinic as an educator and most of my type 2’s who have tried the cinnamon say it make know difference regardless of dose, if anything it has caused indigestion. Ginsing was another herbal product proposed to reduce blood glucose. I am more sold on Dr B’s low CHO diet then any particular herb.

Oakay Guys and Gals:
Have been on Cinnamon for several months now and have noticed more lows than highs. Still eating 100 carbs per day which includes an evening snack. Lantus in divided dose of 10 Units and Novolog per sliding scale. What research I have done tells me Cinnamon seems to work on the metabolism of the food. Have 3 weeks before seeing my Endo, so will see what happens before visit. I realize that the A1c of 5.8, I owe to Dr. B… Like to drop Novolog dose even more if I can.