Anyone taking cinnamon? I know that I’ve read some type 2s claim that it helps control blood sugar yet I read an article referring to a study done with type 1 children and it didn’t effect their A1Cs. I’ve been taking the tablets with meals and it seems like it has kind of stabilized my numbers. Maybe it’s all mental who knows. It’s like ginseng or ginko or any herb. No real science behind it but there are those who swear by it. I’m type 1 by the way. Just curious if anyone else has tried it and had it affect their blood sugar numbers in any way.

Actually, Don, there is real science behind the cinnamon & BSG numbers. Check this article: . And you might want to check others, some which support and others which do not: go to and enter “cinnamon” and “diabetes” in the “Search PubMed for” box.

I have tried the capsules, and using the recommended amount on food, but as much as I love it in food, these amounts seem to bother my stomach. I may have been taking in on too empty a stomach, I don’t know. Haven’t thrown out the capsules. Keep planning to try it again.

Don’t know why the links did not show up…

I’ve heard about the cinnamon thing, and I had a Type 2 friend who had cinnamon in her oatmeal every day, and it helped her alot. I haven’t tried it that much though, but I would love to know if it helps your BG’s much! Your A1C’s are great! How do you do it?!?