Clearing MM alarms in my sleep

So not only can I sleep through the alarms, but I can also clear those suckers without being fully cognizant. Pump is on vibrate and I’m having an annoying dream that I keep getting and clearing the “meter BG now” alarm. Then I start dreaming that it is really the Low BG alarm and that I tested and confirmed the 50 something cgm reading. Starting to come to, I realize I am sweaty and need to go treat the low since I confirmed it with a fingerstick. BG comes up and I start to wonder if I entered the low bg into my pump when I tested…then realize that I never did test. It was the low alarm, though. Wha?..crazy dreams…lol.

Anyone else clearing the alarms in their sleep and not waking right on up to do it?!

Kicker is that my hubby (non-d) heard the alarms at some point and was only awake enough to snicker and nudge me. Grrrr…will trade dh for a puppy.

I don’t have a CGMS or alarms when I’m low but I know I have cleared Lo Reservoir alarms in my sleep/ignored them. When my pump is on beep-mode, my husband has been known to nudge me too. Interesting that you were dreaming about it before it happened!

I know when I had the CGMS - and it was alarming alot - I didn’t do what you did and touch the pad to switch it off. Maybe if I’d continued on with the CGMS - maybe I would have started to ignore it - but I’m generally pretty good with / without a CGMS to wake up - and take care of a hypo - even after 42 years. My husband tends to sleep right through any alarm from my pump/CGMS - lucky guy - he misses out on some interesting things (neighbours arguing, earth quakes). BTW, very interesting dream that you were having!

The first night I had a low alarm was also one of the first alarms I had ever had. I tried to clear it in my sleep (my wife was awake and said I was pushing buttons and snoring at the same time). Eventually I entered that phase where you’re awake but not, and asleep but not and I tried to clear it again, but I couldn’t. After a while (I have my alarm interval set to the lowest possible time for Low alarms) I became extremely frustrated and tried to clear it while also looking at what I was doing. That didn’t work either so I started pushing buttons furiously thinking the pump wasn’t working (it was brand spanking new) and the alarm cleared. The problem I was having all along was that I had never cleared an alarm before and I thought the instructions meant I had to push ESC and ACT at the same time, not ESC and then ACT.

Funny how my wife watched me do all this and didn’t do anything until after I had gone downstairs, tested, corrected, waited, tested again, and gone back to bed. She thought it was hilarious (talk about trading her in for a puppy . . . a third one? puppy not wife).

In her defense she had no idea what was going on, only that my pump was being loud and I funny.