Overnight frustrations

The last two nights have been frustrating. Around 4 am my cgm alarm goes off that I’m low (mine is set at 70), but I get up and test and I’m around 85. I eat a glucose tablet to hopefully bring me up enough so my alarm will let me sleep. The alarm continues to go off but I ignore it until it is 5:30 and my “real” alarm gets me up. This morning I was at 48! What’s up with that? I’m frustrated knowing when my overnight alarms are real, and when they are not. I absolutely hate to get up when I’m sleeping to test, so it is too easy for me to ignore the alarm. Getting a false call makes it even easier for me to ignore the next alarm. My husband is getting frustrated with waking up too, as it wakes him up too. What do most of you set your low alarm to?

I have the same problem. Last night I ignored it for and hour before I got up. I have my low set at 70 also. But when I check it will be 80-100. Then like you I have a tablet or a little juice, then I am high when I wake up. I guess it will take a lot of fine tuning. I love it when the numbers are accurate. Do you recieve Weak Signal error? I keep my pump clipped at my waist, hours later I will get a weak signal, I don’t understand that.

I don’t get too many weak signal errors. I usually wear it in my pocket, or when I sleep I muffle it under my pillow!

do you keep it on the same side as the sensor? I always wear my pump on the left side reguardless as to which side my site is. I feel strange with my pump on my right side. Weird I guess.

That’s funny, as I do the same thing. The pump (Thelma) in the left pocket, the cgm (Louise) in the right. I rarely buy clothing without pockets, as this is my preferred way of wearing my pump. I am very active, and it is just more comfortable this way.

LOL Thelma and Louise! HaHa. Did you name the pump before you had the cgm or both after?

I named them both after, so my family could keep them straight when I was talking about them.

I set my low at 70, and there are nights when it just keeps going off repeatedly. I’ve been watching the trends, so I know that I usually bottom out around 4:30 and then start to climb, so if I’m still getting alarms after 5 am, then I will check and correct. The trend lines help me to understand whether I need to fix something or not.

Hi. I have mine (dexcom) set at 55 to avoid that type of thing happening. The pumps are calibrated to error on the low side during low (less then 100) glucose readings. That is why you will find your actual number will be a bit higher then what the cgm says on the low end of the spectrum.