Click to Vote for American Diabetes Association @ American Express Members Project

We’ve got four more weeks to vote for the American Diabetes Association in the Members Project from American Express - that means you can vote four more times! Help ADA get a $200,000 donation.

Not all of us are fans of the ADA!

I am always torn when it comes to the ADA. I’ve given them lots of money, but I am a vocal critic. Unfortunately, they are the only diabetic charity in the top. You can suggest another, but it is unlikely it would garner the votes. It is like voting for the most popular girl in the class to run the student government, what a terrible way to choose.

In the end, you have to decide whether you want diabetes to benefit, and if you do, you need to choose the ADA. I can’t figure out whether to vote or just poke an ice pick in my eye.

Doesn’t the JDRF also have good name recognition, bsc? As outdated as that recognizable name actually is, they really seem to have made huge strides recently in addressing the adult Type 1 community

I’m sorry Zoe, I didn’t see JDRF in the list of charities. I think you can write it in, but presumably you also write in Denise Faustman.

I would prefer JDRF, but since ADA is on there, I clicked for them. I’m sure I’ll be doing some fundraising for JDRF myself.

Oh, I didn’t know you had to go by a list. I’m not in a position to donate money to charity, but I don’t think I would support the ADA, even by voting. Not until they stop doing disservice to diabetics by continuing to advocate outdated blood glucose targets and the silly food pyramid. (I think I learned that thing in elementary school and that was a LONG time ago!)

Good for you, samsmom; I was very pleased with how the JDRF supported us by getting the word out about the Type 1 Women’s Group I wanted to start here in the Bay Area.

I tend to agree with you guys about the ADA, but I have to say that they provide a great monthly magazine which is Diabetes Forecast. I don’t like subscribing to mags, because I just don’t have the time to read them, but I do make the time to subscribe and read this one.