Clinical trials start for a type 1 diabetes cure

This is not snake oil. They have started recruiting volunteers for the first trial into a possible cure for type 1 diabetes. I’m so excited I can hardly type.

I’ve posted more about this on my regular blog. What an amazing day.

Thank you God.

Absolutely magnificent news, Bernard. Thank for writing about it.

Don’t get too exciting about this. I was diagnosed in 1993 when I was 12 and went through a study with the BCG. I did get the BCG and they concluded after a certain amount of time that nobody in the study with recently diagnosed T1 had their diabetes reversed. I’ve been there, done that, was lucky to have a shot at it, and wouldn’t get any hope up.


yes there were problems with the early BCG study. They didnt have the test needed to figure out the dose. What they are trying to do with it is pretty spooky stuff, I am also left with the feeling that if it works the treatment will involve a couple of days of fairly serious discomfort, with the tissue inflamation and all.


I’m excited whenever I hear any news of human trials for a cure in already established type 1! The advances in technology to treat the symptoms are great, but the cure is what we need! There is a Yahoo group called Nathanfaustmantrials that I belong to. A lot of the info regarding their research is shared through the group.

Thanks Lisa for pointing out that Yahoo! group, I’d forgotten to mention it.

You can find the group here:

There isn’t a lot of traffic on it, so it’s not a big e-mail burden if you join.