Human trial for BCG as possible cure for type 1 diabetes

I just came across this link from the Iacocca foundation on some research they are supporting that could use a common generic drug to reverse type 1 diabetes.
They are gearing up to start human trials sometime this year.

I’m not sure if I got this hyperlink to work, so you may just need to cut and paste it into your browser. I’ve emailed their trial address to see if I can get some more information on the kinds of type 1 diabetics they’re looking for. I’ll update this if/when I hear back.

I want to volunteer

Hi Automn and Rebekah!

You both should check out this topic:

Ok, thanks to Manny and Bernard I have added a link to the trial criteria.
Basically 18-45, not currently pregnant, AIC under 8%, always been treated with insulin since being diagnosed, not previously treated with the BCG & then anti-GAD positive.
Check it out and see if you qualify!

Ok darn thing. Let’s see if this link works.