Clinical trials

I know not everyone has the opportunity to be involved in clinical trials but I must say, I get so much out of each and everyone that I have been in.
I have done drug studies (my least favorite because the paperwork can be nightmarish!), a number of CGM studies, infusion set studies and the big one was the stem cell study.
Studies are not for everyone and some can be very hard to qualify for. The requirements can be very hard to meet all of them and if you miss one of them, you won’t get in. And the frustrating for those that have a good handle on their treatment plan, your lower A1C can get you booted very quickly. Those drug studies want to see an improvement that is significant. So if your number is under 7, they won’t take you. Hard to improve on 6.0. So all your hard work makes you not eligible. And the paperwork required for the FDA is intense. So if you don’t keep good records, you shouldn’t volunteer because you will be wasting everyone’s time and get kicked out. And it takes time. Some of them are a lot of time. The stem cell was 2 years, with many surgeries which required me to use my vacation days on the recovery from surgery days. And sometimes whatever drug they are testing has side effects. The last study I was in, one of the participants had to be dropped due negative results in his lab work. They really don’t mess around. If there is any doubt, it is stopped and an adverse report is detailed.
So my lastest study was running me low and testing blood work, urine output and the really fun part, my brain function. They made me take tests to see what my mental capabilities was as my blood sugar dropped. I don’t normally feel my lows, but when everyone in the room is watching and recording numbers (they never tell you what the number is). I felt a few. But none stayed around for very long. Sweating for a few minutes, headache for a few minutes but nothing that stuck around for longer than a few minutes. But the one thing I did notice and my love ones notice is my speech slows way down. I just start moving in slow motion and I start talking much slower. And I also noticed I was as quick with my smart come backs.
So while many of us say “I function quite well even when my blood sugars are low”, the reality is, we don’t. No ones brain can function 100% if there is no sugar for it. I really can’t wait to see how my testing comes out on these tests. I am sure the people scoring these, will get a big laugh out of it. I have always felt I function quite well at 50, and now realize there is a pretty dramatic drop off. I just don’t see it or feel it because my brain is starving for food.
But all that being said, I enjoy it. I meet some of the smartest doctors and get to hear all the latest that is happening in the research community. I can try new things before they become the newest and greatest thing. So, if you have the chance, I would suggest it. And of course with some, free supplies!


Thanks for sharing !

Agree with @MM1. Very interesting. @Sally7, I would love to hear more of your experiences with the various studies you do.

I used to think this about my clarity of mind when low. But, I think your analysis is correct. I believe that we think our cognitive abilities are unimpaired with some lows, but likely it’s our perception of our brain function that is skewed.

Congrats on your generous participation in these trials that benefit the larger community!

I will add my thanks for sharing. I can tell when I am going low because I get what I call fog brain. I can see why someone might think I am drunk. I am definitely impaired.

What do you mean? Don’t you have Superman like powers and X-ray vision when you are low?? :smiley:

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Clinic trials are what we do to help the next generation. My mom was a control subject in a 1971 - 1972 pump study. back then the pump was the size of a cart. Today I wear one on my belt. Every time I look at my pump I think of my mom and say thank you. She never had a pump, her contribution was for me. and thsoe who came after her.


For those in the Northeast, here are some Joslin trials:

that’s cool.