Closer to a diagnosis!

So I got results back from my last A1C and A1C went down to 8..I think and my c-peptide was 6.6 but since my blood sugar was high my CDE said it would probably be in the 3's my CDE said even though she's not a dr. and I can't go by her word..she would diagnose me as type 1 because my body is barely making any insulin...I just have one more blood test I need because the blood lab screwed up and didn't get it for me...I fasted for 14 hours for nothing..I was super mad!...I thought something was weird when the dr. said 14 hour fast but then the lab people were like oh no just 8 hours! grrr! Other news..I should be getting my pink pump pretty soon...can't wait to give this loaner pump back to the hospital!! :) Oh and I go to see the endo on monday! Super excited!!

If your c-peptide was measured in pmol/L, then a 6.6 was really, really low, corresponding to a reading of about 0.02 ng/mL. The reference range is typically 1-3 ng/mL.

kinda confused.. but when i looked at the sheet it said a normal range for the c-peptide is supposed to be between 10-13? and mine was 6.6 so...she did say it was really low... its all kinda confusing to me!.. this disease has too many numbers!...and i suck at math lol

I'm confused as well. But if that is the reference range, then your levels are low. Not as vanishingly low as I suggested, but still low.

Ok got the paper in front of me it says mine is 0.61 and normal range is 0.80-3.10 ng/ml for the c peptide and my a1c is 8.8