Cnoga glucometer

Has anyone heard any news on the Cnoga glucometer. From what I understand is suppose to be the first noninvasive glucometer.

seems a little bulky but interesting idea. I assume more will follow once this is out in the public eye more. Sure would help reduce test strip cost.

I agree...very bulky but I was surprised I had never heard about this.

I wouldn't give them 2 cents.
They say "[It computes a] correlation between temporarily color pigmentation and a specific bio or physiological parameter".

So does you skin change color according to your BG level ?
C8 MediSensors (link) uses Raman spectroscopy (not color pigmentation) to check your blood sugar: we'll see soon if it actually works

well.. people alwys tell me i look pale when i'm low... i guess it could work

Not saying it is the next great thing but I am sure CGMs were not perfect at all when they came out and now they are good and getting better. At least it is a start at not having to poke yourself all the time. It will take time. And it really needs to be smaller I think but that will all come in time. And also did you see the people in the little video? They were HAPPY so it must work right? Hahahaha

If this really works, they could make this thing much smaller by relaying the results to a pump or cgm device instead of that big bulky thing. A pulse ox sensor looks similar and is quite small with a small lead to a controller. I am sure it would be as easy to make this one wearable as a CGM.

Except not everyone has a pump or CGM. Is bulky. Their other monitoring products are interesting.

Movin to Israel right now and getting on board!
Hey y'all sound as if you want to keep pokin yurselvs.
What price will they figure? Equivalent to 2 years of strips?
$2500 in a year? $5,000 in 2?

If you read the site, there is a lot of poking in this machine too .

hey, people say that to me also! my friends are like "brenna! youre even whiter the usual! and thats really white!"

Cnogs have started selling TensorTip CGM in several countries. It is currently priced at €1499. Has anyone bought this device and what is the review?

I too, searched for any actual review of this product, and could find nothing. I have found several reasons to be suspicious, however.

1. When you purchase it, you have to certify that you are personally responsible for assuring that the product can be lawfully imported to your country. Huh?
2. They provide no information about how it is used, how accurate it is, or anything else on their website. Wouldn't a real company with a real product want to brag about how good their product is, and supply a user manual?
3. One of the few bits of information they include is "Important notice: Currently we are restricting the sales to Diabetics Type 2 only". Could this be because the product can only measure a very small range of BG? The sample screen shots they show are a bell curve from 116-135 mg/dl and 89-120 mg/dl. A product that measured only in this range would be useless for me.
4. Maybe the lack of information is because the product isn't ready yet - there's a press release that says it will be released Q3-2012 (so they have another month before that time is up). But if that is the case, why do they seem willing to take your money with an order page and price?

I agree with the Reply of Jag1. Another reason of suspicion is the fact that they launched the CGM in Thailand. When I contacted Thailand representative, he demanded $5000 for the device.
I am thinking to lodge a complaint ageist the company.