Coconut Flour Anyone?

Has anyone used coconut flour for baking? Results? Recipes to share? Thanks.

I haven’t used it, but I’ve saved some links to low-carb recipes.

You might try searching for coconut flour at:|1999888493&gclid=CLGJop23w5cCFQLixgod3x7LcQ

The hyperlink for inserting links to long website names isn’t working very well now.

Thank, Robert. Will let you know how my experimenting goes. It’s pretty expensive, so I was hoping to find out if it’s worth it.

You’re welcome.

I made a pizza crust tonight with flax seed meal & it turned out pretty well. I miss pizza a lot!

Yes, I have used it – but not for baking. Just as a coating for chicken and shrimp before oven frying. It does impart a bit of a sweet coconut taste, and can burn (!). You may need to adjust for other sweeteners if you decide to use coconut flour for baking.

Thanks for the advice.

Funny thing is that I’m not a baker, but don’t want to buy stuff that has artificial sweeteners & all kinds of nasty chemicals & figured I’d give low carb baking a try. Must be the season that has me yearning for cookies & cake:)