Julian Bakery Carb Free/Low carb breads

Has anyone tried this carb free/low carb bread from Julian Bakery? I just ordered some, along with a package of cookies and rice(no carb). if interested in checking it out the website is: www.julianbakery.com WOuld like to hear from anyone who has tried their products.

I haven't tried these. Jimmy Moore tested their products and didn't find that they stood up to the claims of "net carbs."

Yep! I eat the paleo coconut bread every day. It's 12 carbs for 2 slices, but I only need to bolus for half that, and I'm very carb sensitive. Something about the fiber or coconut flour changes things.

It tastes pretty good toasted and used for sandwiches, different but good as french toast or bread pudding, decent as bread crumbs, and great cubed, seasoned and baked for croutons, IMO. I don't like it right out of the package though, the texture is kind of funky.

I've tried all the miracle noodle products, including the rice, if that's the one you're referring to. I'm not sure they're worth the effort to get palatable. If you're trying to lose weight on a very strict diet and crazy hungry all the time, the rice is great... if you prepare it well.

I'm hungry and dieting, so I do eat the rice. I make multiple batches at a time to minimize the labor. To get the fishy slime off, you have to rinse it for a LONG time, dry it, and repeat. Then toast it all in a non-stick until it's truly dry, it takes some time. Then it needs a heavy flavor.

I like it best with a mexican spin, it really covers up any remaining ick factor and makes it taste like real food. I add a hefty dose of the same seasonings I'd use on taco meat, plus some salsa and a little beef stock and cook it down. Then add peppers, onion, meat, and/or beans and it turns into a substantial meal without adding a bunch of extra carbs or calories.

It's no bad in soups and with thai or indian curries, but you have to make sure the flavors are pretty intense. I don't recommend ever mixing it with spinach though. That was one of the most foul concoctions I've ever eaten!

Wow!!! I'm not sure I want it now! lol I"m not dieting, i just wanted to see if I could find less carbs in the things I like. I was shocked at the carbs in rice and thought I'd try this other stuff. I hope they give you directions on how to make it. Thanks for the comment!!!

I'm very sensitive to fishy smells/tastes, so perhaps I go overboard in preparation. I have a friend that just does one quick rinse and dumps it in whatever she's cooking and likes it just fine. Good luck!

I've only tried the noodles. I just stick them in a colander and put it under a faucet until I can't smell them any more. Don't notice any funny taste but everything I cook is pretty spicy:)

I order from Joseph's Bakery (with thanks to Gerri!). Great lc tortillas, pita, and lavash. They impact my BG as I would expect from the listed carb/fiber info.

I ordered six loaves of the different types to try and quite frankly I thought they were nasty. I would rather do without bread. I did have to order the gluten free breads so that may be the difference. I also waited over 4 weeks for them to get the order made and sent out.

I bought the flours to make my own coconut and almond loaves. I sure hope they aren't nasty!

Yeah, pretty much my reaction to all these "substitute foods". I'd rather either skip the food altogether or eat it once in awhile or in small portions then eat a nasty substitute or one that tastes basically like styrofoam.

Having Celiac Disease and being intolerant of corn and soy as well, I have limited options. Never eating bread or any baked goods again is one option; baking for my self is another. Now that I know about arsenic in all rice... well, that was a low blow. There are a few good "grains" left: coconut, sorghum, almond, buckwheat. So I'm baking with them. Thank goodness for chocolate!

I haven't tried Julian's, but got net zero carb Healthwise Bakery products from www.lindasdietdelites.com. The Healthwise rolls were pretty good, but the sliced bread was blah. Rolls were much better heated. Healthwise's net zero carbs claim is independently certified. Never had their bread effect my BG in the slightest. Problem is how expensive this stuff is.

Not me. Believe that was from Judith. I don't eat anything with soy.

What's a substitute about bread made from high fiber flours?

Gluten-free is always awful.

I have baked a lot with almond and coconut flour and some of it is pretty good. Muffins are actually pretty tasty. If you haven't found it yet Elana's Pantry has some good recipes, and pintrest is a good resource. When I ordered the bread I was hoping to expand my lunch options.

I realize I'm making a sweeping generalization, Gerri, because I haven't tried all of these things. But by substitute, I mean something made with other than the standard ingredients it is usually made with (for various dietary reasons). I don't like, for example: artificial sweeteners, low carb versions of foods such as bread, tortillas, pasta, gluten free, etc. As a vegetarian it's only very recently, attempting to come up with more low carb ideas that I've started to eat vegie burgers and sausage.

Misattribution, leaky brain syndrome LOL. Thanks Judith then ;)

Hi Lisa. Yes I do use Elana's Pantry for recipes, also the Gluten Free Goddess. I have taken some of my old recipes with not too much rice and am going to substitute sorghum. I'll be experimenting with all these new and altered recipes to try to find some good breads and muffins. I must admit, I love muffins! And for non-gluten free folks, sorghum is a very nice grain which in fact works a lot like wheat. Getting used to gluten free foods takes some time; baking with gluten free foods takes some learning and time; but it's worth it in my opinion. After all if you have Diabetes, learning new skills and making good substitutions becomes second nature.