Codes on PDM

I know several of you use different codes than the standard code 16 in your PDMs. I was wondering how many of you do and what code do you use? I use 18 as it reads closer to my Verio and is within the control solution range. (NOT medical advice, just stating what I use.)

I use 17. Testing of 18 showed that in normal ranges it was good, but varied much farther at higher levels.

I use 19. 18.5 would be ideal.

I stick with 16. For me, it's true to my A1C :)

Please excuse my ignorance but this is the first time i am reading about a user-adjustable code on the PDM.
Is this something new incorporated in the newer PDMs?
Can some one enlighten me what the code is about?
Thanks in advance.

Kuze, the BG meter on the PDM has a code screen that allows you to scroll through numbers. I keep mine at 16 as I have found it most accurate.

I too leave it at 16. My A1C is much lower now - so 16 is good enough for me.

My A1C's were too high at 16 so use 18 that matched my other meter closely. Next A1C was what I normally run. Been doing this for more than a year.

I've started using 18, as my A1C has been creeping up. I haven't had it tested since switching, though.

No wonder I could not understand the topic as I use a separate meter and enter the BG readings manually.

Do you enter every BG manually? How do you keep your data compiled together for reports? (Just curious here. Thanks!)

I have kept it at 16 but it is almost always higher than my Dexcom reading so maybe I need to tweak that as well ?

We have a winner -
Dexcom 109
at 16 110
at 17 106
at 18 123
at 19 132
I think I will stick with 16

I keep a diary for BG readungs, carb counts and insulin doses and show the diary to the doc.

Are you calibrating your Dexcom with your PDM? If so, that's where it's getting the reference points so it would tend to line up with that code. I tested mine with control solution and against other meters and my labs. :) Not saying you should change it at all - please don't think I'm inferring that. You should do what you feel comfortable with.

I am fine with sticking with the code that is on the container of strips and I realize they all say 16. But I calibrate the Dexcom with whatever meter I have handy, not necessarily just the PDM. They're all relatively close and they're all pretty much an estimate anyway. It just has to be within 20% of actual that's the standard.

Cool deal. Thanks for replying :)