Has anyone found that coffee raises sugars? i woke up 65 this morning, I ate some scrambled eggwhites with cheese and then made my way to class. After class i was 78, which is fine, and then i grabbed a coffee…a small iced coffee with a splash of cream and half of one splenda packet. 2 hours later i was 314. took a full correction and found myself at 266 a few hours after that. any ideas…this is the first time i have been 300 since the new year! my resolution was to keep my numbers in tip top shape and i have been doing great aside from today. ive been following the bernstein diet thanks to the advice of some tudiabetes friends! my dose has dropped from 30 daily units to 25!


Most likely, are you experiencing an adrenaline release. Are you feeling somewhat hyper just prior to that 314 BG test?

I have found coffee or sugar/carb free energy drinks or shots would sometimes cause my BG to suddenly soar, but when I shot insulin to cover it, I would become incredibly energetic and hyper for about an hour after that from utilizing the adrenaline sugars.

Also, did you bolus a little after you had that coffee? If not, that might be the explanation. It can also be hard to tell whats in coffee and the creams that are added in.

thanks for responding. I guess i should have bolused a bit, I guess since i had a somewhat low morning i didnt think i needed to. I’ll try it out tomorrow morning

my sugar always goes up with coffee, I use splenda and half and half, not alot either, but I do good if i bolus for like 15 carbs, even though it isnt, Diabetes is crazy, gotta find what works for you

A bolus might be necessary, but still be careful, guessing coffee can sometimes be a real shot in the dark.

Coffee or any caffeine based thing can be very hard to predict what it does ahead, it can stimulate the liver to suddenly release the fun stuff, that being the adrenaline. I will admit I do like exploiting it at times when a bolus of insulin goes in and suddenly fires up that extra energy.

I’m a hopeless Caffeine addict, thats how I figured this out.

I have heard caffeine can cause raised BS in people. For me any liquid that is carb/sugar free causes a nice drop coffee causes the least but I like my cream so I think that has something to do with it if I get a large I might have a slight spike but nothing major. Water and diet soda will cause a drop of 15-30 points depending on what I am doing, making me dread the summer when I amm out all the time in 90+ heat.

Absolutely. If I have my coffee and don`t take 2 units rapid acting insulin my glucose raises predictably every time. Cheers

I must be totally weird then, because coffee is one of the drinks that makes my sugars go low…not dramatically like 70-80…maybe it’s the difference between type I and 2??? Also, I think it’s important to look at all avenues before blaming just one thing on one incident. You haven’t messed up your resolution, you’ve found out some valuable information about yourself and your Bs’s Coffee may cause you to have a dramatic rise…which is a good thing to know.

I was also advised by my doc to avoid caffeine as much as possible, but everyone is different