Artificial Sweeteners;

Hi! I have a question; do artificial sweeteners raise your blood sugar?? I will drink a cup of coffee with only about 5 packets of Splenda (or any other such sweetener) and even then my BS will often reach well into the 400's. What the heck, yo?? Any help about this is mucho appreciated!

Personally, artificial sweeteners does not increase my blood sugar. But coffee does. Have you considered that the increase may be brought about by the coffee and not the Splenda? Then again, experiences varies individually...

They don't affect my bgs, but I tend to avoid them anyway.

Hm. I've been thinking lately that I should avoid them in general. I never thought of the coffee being the culprit! Maybe that's what it is...hmmm...thanks for the comments!

I use splenda and sweet and lo all the time and no change. If you drink flavored coffee like hazelnut or vanilla they contain carbs. I have noticed a lot of flavored coffee like from Seatles Coffee and Starbucks do contain carbs

Yep, agree with PatientX. Im a sucker for Starbuck's cappuccino :( Might also be the creamer too if you use any :)

I agree with Teena's comments about the coffee itself. I can drink diet coke or put sweetener on something and my blood sugars are not impacted. But a lot of black coffee in the morning and my blood sugars go up.

As evidence, I'll check my blood sugars first thing in the morning and be, say, at 5.9. If I bring a travel mug full of coffee on my 1/2 hour drive to work, when I check my sugars again (with no food yet in my stomach at this point), I'll often be up around 8 or 9. The only thing I can blame is the coffee.

Ahh, thanks ya'll!