College question

I have been in college forever and just switched colleges to get my next degree. Well at my first college I lived in dorms and I was the resident diabetic. My advisor and professors knew. well new college and I know no one not students or professors. So my question is should I mention it or just let my medic alert tattoo speak for me if I had a problem? All of my classes are medical classes but my parents think the school should know so I get help faster then them trying to figure out the problem before I get help. so what is the general cenus here?

You should tell your professors & your advisor. My husband’s a college professor & he’s grateful when students share medical info in case they need anything. He can recognize lows from living with me:)

I wouldn’t count on your tat speaking for you. What if it’s covered up? Better to educate people to what kind of help you might need, just in case.

I’d tell your roommate (if you have one) & people who become your friends.

through out my life be it high school or college i never told any one!!! The general public is largely ignorant about diabetes. Especially with kids in early twenties they are have no idea what we go through. If u have a very good set of friends then may be u can go and make them aware of your problem. That’s what i did. I just do not like people having a sympathetic look towards as i know that really doesn’t solve anything!!

My advice take good care of yourself. Carry some coins if u feel un comfortable carrying cookies with you or hate to chew the sugar tabs. U will find plenty of vending machines on campus and u can use the coins to buy a can of coke or something to boost ur sugars in case of emergency.

never never skip a meal because of classes. if u don’t have time at least have a burger or just anything to prevent the lows.
Also get good sleep every day!!! College life is tough with the course work and stuff but regular meals and sleep are the most important for a diabetic.

I think my biggest issue is If I have a low. No matter how hard we diabetics try to stay symptom free from highs and lows it is bound to happen at some point. I just don’t want others to look at me differently.

I think part of the reason why I worry about mentioning it is some people thing we use our disease to get special treatment and that is not the case. I just want them to know I have it in case I suffer a low. I am not asking for any special treatment.

In high school my baseball coach, school nurse and my close friends new. In college the only ones that new were my frat brothers and eventually my wife and her sorority sisters. That was it. But that was back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I’ve been at this for a while.
My daughter was dx’d at the age of 23 in 2006. She tells everyone at work and in her master program. Times are differnt now. Use your our judgement wisely.

Present it that way to your professors & friends. Just FYI. Teachers know instantly when a student is simply relaying info or asking for special treatment, which you’re not. My husband’s been a professor for 25 years. Believe me, he wants to know if it’s something he can help with should the need arise. He’s had students with diabetes, chronic hypoglycemia, epilepsy, undergoing cancer treatment. All info shared is confidential.

I want my friends to know the signs of a hypo & what to do, just in case. If I need help, I need help. I don’t relay it as a big deal. Everyone I know just takes it as a fact about me.

Like you said, it’s bound to happen so better for people to know & how to help. I’d rather have people know I’m low than think I’m a ditz or drunk. Most people are too self-absorbed to really be paying attention to anyone else, especially college students. We’re self-conscious because it’s happening to us, but no one else really cares.

I am going to let my professors know. They are all medical classes and most of my professors are nurses so they will understand I believe. I have one class mate that I know as a friend and we are taking 3 of the same classes together so I am going to just tell her hey if I have and issue this is what to do. I feel I would rather be safe then sorry, and while I hope I will not need them to know about the D if I do they know and will be better equipt to handle it. Thanks guys