Back at college

sooo I’m back upstate at school. JOY. lol. nah, school is going great so far, i like being back in my old dorm (we got new windows thank god!) and im living nextdoor to some really cool friends. so it looks like this year will be a good one -minus the INSANE amounts of schoolwork i already have. damn papers.

soooo now comes the troubles with diabetes. i FINALLY got my overnight lows to go away this week, by adjusting some basals, but now i keep peaking during the afternoon- particularly after lunch. never fun, especially when i have to head to a class with my bg at 260 or something like that.

i have yet to tell my new roomates and my RA about my diabetes, i mean i have only known these people for a few days so im still feeling things out, how they will react, how much educating i will have to do, so on and so forth. i would honestly prefer if they didnt know, so that they wouldnt treat me differently, but i know i have to- just incase something ever happens to me and i need help.

so my question is, what is the best way to tell them, or even bring it up?

they want to order pizza one night this week- which i know i wont be participating in, but i dont want to be the party pooper per say and be all " oh i can eat pizza cause i have diabetes" (pizza makes me pass out from extreme BG’s, so i just avoid it nowadays, much to my dismay i might add. i <3 <3 <3333 pizza).

i just want to tell them, without making a big deal out of it, or making myself come off like a ill freak. cause im not, its just a small aspect of my life that happens to affect a large portion of my choices and activities.

man i really want pizza. lol

i would have to say, just let them know, “hey, im diabetic, but that doesnt mean you have to treat me differently. i can still eat most of the stuff you guys eat. The reason im telling you this is if incase i get all (high/low) or pass out, thats why.” and then you could just bring up whatever else you need to tell them.
i would make sure its in a kid friendly nature though. like your talking to 5 year olds :wink:

Hey! That’s a tough one… when I was in college at first I didn’t tell anyone… but once i did it was so much better. People didn’t really treat me differently, but they understood if I brought my own dinner to the pizza party etc. By the way definitely go to the party!!

I think that the most important thing that they need to know if that you have diabetes and if you pass out, they should call 911 and tell them you have diabetes and use insulin. It would be great if you can show them a glucagon too… Even if you at least show them the case and tell them that this is what you need if you are not conscious.

Also, about the afternoon highs, those are a REAL pain!! I used to Fall asleep everyday in my class after lunch. I eventually told the professor that i had diabetes and I was currently having trouble with my afternoon blood sugars-- so that I was sorry for falling asleep. I told her also that i hoped to fix the problem soon! One thing that helps is taking your insulin 15-30 minutes before eating lunch. You would be amazed that you don’t actually go low. Try taking it and test every 5 minutes after you take it. My blood sugar doesn’t start dropping until 25 minutes after I inject!! (you might be more like 15, so check it out). It helped my afternoon blood sugars a lot (though they are still my worst…).

Keep us posted!!!