Comparing the Omnipod to the Animas Ping

I've been on the Animas Ping for a little over a year now, and am thinking of jumping ship. Customer service is simply not to my liking. So I started looking around ay what else is out there.

My reason to look into Omnipod is pretty simple: I'm so tired of having to look for, and also find, bubbles in my tubing! BGs have been too high lately, and how do I know if I didn't miss some bubbles that went through? And why are they so common anyway?? I'm sooo careful when I fill the cartridge.

So here are some questions for you all, to help me evaluate what life would be like with an Omnipod:

1) First and foremost, how would you rate customer service on a scale of 1 (yuk) to 10 (terrif)?
2) Can I assume bubbles are not an issue for you?
3) What is the smallest increment for basals and boluses?
4) Do you find the pod gets in the way of clothing? Do you have to pay extra attention not to bump it on things?
5) Does the adhesive work fine for you? What about after a shower or swim?
6) If no to 5, what do you add to keep it in place?

And finally:

If anyone out there has used both the Omnipod and the Ping, I'd love to hear your impressions!

Thanks so much, gang,
Jan :-)

Ok so I was in same shoes you were in…I did the cut the cord program and couldn’t be happier! Bs are doing a lot better an I love that no tubing gets caught. I have not had any issues with bubbles so far…the only issue so far is when I wear it on my arm getting my bra strap stuck on it! I sleep on mine and haven’t had problems…

I probably don't have all your answers, but I have a few. I sat in a 210 deg. sauna this weekend and the pod stayed on fine, as well in a swimming pool for a half hour and a whirlpool.

Omnipod Customer service has always been a 10 for me.

I don't have any problems with bubbles. I try to rid the syringe of them before I load the pod.

I knocked off a few pods when I first started wearing them but you get used to having it attached and just naturally take care not to knock into stuff, second nature. I may have knocked one off in the last year. Never had a problem with clothing. I wear mine on my upper arms.

Increments, I can bolus .05 and I think basal is the same.

Good luck!

We have had good customer service with Omnipod. I have heard stories, but our experience has been positive. Now there's an annoying list of questions that they have to go through every time you call with an issue but if you can be patient through that they often can address whatever issue it is. We have had almost all pods replaced that had something go wrong (not that many) and we had a couple PDMs (the controllers) that didn't work a couple of years ago and they were quickly replaced. Haven't had an issue for a long time though so I can't say much for recent service.

I assume there is no problem with bubbles. You can't really see, but it primes and I just assume it gets bubbles out.

My son is the one wearing the pod and I think he thought it would be in the way at first, but he plays a lot of sports and has hardly ever had an issue. He only wears it on his arms but he never really bumps it on doors or anything.

The adhesive is so attached to my son's arm, even after bathing and swimming - it's easier to pull the pod off the adhesive than the adhesive off his arm, and we have to use a solvent to get it off without irritating his skin. I have heard some people say that excessive sweat can be a problem but we haven't seen that. If we are worried about it (during basketball mainly) we wrap it with coban wrap and that works really well for him.

Oh, I forgot about sleeping, Chrystal! That's right -- I'd undoubtedly feel it when I move around during the night.

I'm sure you will get a lot of other great responses here so I'll try to keep mine short. In a nutshell--yes I love the pod. Every pump has pros and cons, but I think the pros of the pod way outweigh the cons.
1. I'd say a 10 or nearly a 10. Have always had generally positive experiences when I needed to call in for a variety of reasons.
2. As long as you make sure and clear your air from the syringe before injecting into the reservoir, you should be okay.
3. 0.05 u for both bolus and basal, but can also set to 0.1 if you'd like
4. Not necessarily. Occasionally I forget which arm it's on, or for example tonight I was doing a workout on my indoor bike and forgot it was on my back when I put my bibs on (the cycling shorts w/ suspendor things). It caught a little on the bibs but didn't rip or pull off or anything--I just adjusted the clothes and I was fine.
5. I'm a sweaty guy living in a fairly warm/humid state (Oklahoma). I use skin tac wipes before applying a pod, and I have very few, if any issues. I often wait and do a pod change right after a shower, using the shower to help me rip off the old pod b/c the adhesive is still really really strong.

Good luck w/ your decision as you think about making the switch. I think you'll be pleasently surprised with the pod--I know I was :)

Like you, clubkobe, I try very very carefully to rid the syringe of bubbles before loading my pump cartridge. But apparently, they still squeeze in there somehow! If the Omnipod uses a similar syringe system to get the insulin from the vial to the pod, then I assume I'm just as prone to bubbles with the pod.

So the adhesive is that strong, eh? Does everyone require a solvent to remove the pod?

And what is "coban wrap"?

Make sure you draw out slow and push in slow when filling the pod. For example I usually fill about 150 units into the pod in just about 5 or 6 seconds...which admittedly seems like an eternity lol. But I make sure I am careful as to not create extra air bubbles in the process.

You might look into the pod's lmited 45 day money back guarantee. It gives you the opportunity to trial the pod and perhaps send it back if you are unsatisfied.

I don't have anywhere near that problem with the adhesive. Mine always peel off easily and with no pain. I suppose it's an individual thing.

Bradford, that is a great idea. Next time I do a set change for my Ping, I'm going to operate the syringe at a snail's pace. I'll let you know if it helps!

And about a trial: yes, I'm going to get hooked up my local rep and see if I can do a saline test for a week or so. (I did the same for the Revel and Ping last year when I was researching.)

Very very helpful, Bradford, thanks.

So far, I've gotten more good advice here than from calling the company. I did so earlier this afternoon, and the girl I spoke to was not well-versed in customer service. She simply didn't have answers for all of my questions.

Here are a couple of comments to your above answers:
2) I always push as hard as I can to squeeze out any possible air once the syringe is flush with the vial. But bubbles still leak in. And there is always at least one tiny bubble along the seal. That one is impossible to remove! But I'll try your tip about going very slowly to see if it makes any difference.
5) Now, I don't always do a set change right after a shower, because the cartridge may not be close to empty at that point. I simply do it whenever it's time to do it. (But it's possible that if I become a podder :-) that may have to change.)


Great to hear that it's not unavoidable, clubkobe. :-)

I can't really speak to the customer service from a "brand new I'm interested in the pod" sort of fashion, but I will say from an "experienced customer" sort of way, they've been pretty good. It takes a few phone calls to get used to all of their questions (for example the few times that a pod fails while filling/priming), but after that it's same old routine :)

I would say when filling the pod, pull out your usual amount for 3 day supply of insulin, tap out all air, then flip pod over and fill it "belly up" on a hard surface. Stick the needle in the access port, and slowly push it all in over 5-6 seconds. You'll hear the "double beep" at some point during that time (it should engage after it hits 85 u minimum). When the syringe plunger touches the hub of the needle, I'd stop. No need to push extra hard or try to sqeeze every little bit out. Then remove the needle. Finish priming, etc. and you're good to go!
I don't always change after a shower, but I try to so that my skin is oil free. I get the fresh pods to stick much better that way and have less issues w/ adhesion. But I also take multiple showers a day (before work, after my workouts in the evening) so I also have more opportunities to change in the morning or evening.
Hope that info helps some!

Seems you got a bit misled, Bradford. Understand that I am not currently a pod user! I use the Animas Ping and simply started this conversation to learn more about the pod. I'm thinking of switching from Animas to something else.

My comments about bubbles above were in regards to filling my pump cartridge. Of course, I use a syringe to extract insulin from the vial the same as a pod user does.

But I appreciate your advice! ;-)

No I got it :) I just meant when you switch...and I think you'll like it!

You know I thought I would but I really don’t! I too have had great luck with their customer service.

Oh! Ha ha, sorry 'bout that. :-)

No kidding, you don't feel it? That's great to hear. :-)

1) 10
2) Bubbles? What are these "bubbles" you speak of?
3)0.05 U/hr for bolus and basal.
4)Some times, but not to the point of being a big distraction. The only time I think about it is when I have to either put on or take off an item of clothing. Yes, definitely have to pay attention to pod placement and bumping against things, especially when you first get it. After while, it becoem second nature to make small adjustments wlaking through a door or sitting down into a chair.
5)The adhesive works under most normal situations.Depending on a particular activity or work-out, I might have to pay attention to the condition of the adhesive.
6)For some particular activities, I will need to use either Opsite or Kinisio Tape, or both. There are a few threads in this forum regarding extra adhesives and when they are needed.