Complain about your crazy blood sugars!

Hey everyone-

So I have been eating solid food again without throwing up, thanks to my holistic healer and digestive enzymes! Yay! Now, the new problem, I had adjusted to a completely liquid diet before this- now adding the solid food back in, I am having totally upredictable blood sugars. I know this is part of gastroparesis and slowed digestion, but I feel like venting about this, and would like others to join me!

Some of my favorite crazy blood sugar stories:

I ate a huge meal- 80g of carbs- hummus and crackers- and had a low of 54 afterwards, which I had to correct- (I can't sit around with a blood sugar that low and just wait, mid 60s is about as low as I'm willing to wait on), and then 3 hours later I tested and was 250. Yikes!

I went for a 3 mile jog/ walk, started off with a blood sugar of 124, and at the end of it was 230. (And I know this was the gastroparesis, because I could feel things start to move in my gut while I was out walking! As soon as I felt it, I was like "damn, I know I am going to come back high!)

Okay, so are others out there having the same problems? Anyone else want to moan and groan about it? Even if it doesn't make you feel better to b*tch about it, it will make me feel better knowing I'm not the only one! :)

oh yeah, i have the same sorts of things! except that's why i started testing every hour [before i had the CGMS] because i was never sure just when the food was going 'hit'

You're not alone. I hate correcting lows after meals knowing that it's going to add to the high later. I inject 1-1.5 hours after I eat & use Regular because it's slower & lasts longer, but still can't catch the highs.

my good doc had told me that I had gastropariesis,I didn't believe him until I was eating a high carb meal because of low lood sugar and watching my blood continue down as I ate. I remember way back, four or five years of diabetes when I could feel the juice or whatever as my blood glucose went up, actually feeling the change and how quickly it happened. Ah! the days before complications.I am glad that there are other people that can relate. most folks can't. lucky for them. peaceand good luck to us all.Thomas

I am testing more frequently too- I have the CGMS but am scared of it- at this point though, it may be the way to go....

I know what you mean- it is good to hear from people who can relate! Thanks so much for posting! I still am having hopes of beating the gastroparesis into submission! my hopes and prayers go out to all of you to do the same!

what do you fear about it? i find my navigator to be very reliable and a HUGE freedom for being able to eat and be active

I am mainly afraid of feeling like I am under constant supervision ( I had the same fear about the pump though, and Ive been on that for almost 2 years and its been great), and I am also nervous because I have heard so many stories about people getting false readings from it, getting anxiety about it, etc. Which one do you have and what has your experience with it been like?

Hi all,

I’m responding to this thread late…hopefully folks are still around to discuss it! I’ve been having crazy highs - in the 400’s and 500’s that take forever to come down, as in 8-10 hours sometimes. Does this happen to anyone else? I can’t figure out why, even with severe GP, it would take so long for insulin to work… I’m taking novolog which in the past has been fast and worked great for me.

It’s frustrating to be eating for tomorrow (maybe, or maybe earlier). When I hit a low i have to correct but know that I’ll be high in the morning. Last night actually worked out ok - I was 50 and I either eat yogurt or drink juice - fast to digest. Well I chose yogurt. Waited for it to bring it up. Got it up to 65 and went to bed. I was only 90 in the morning. I was so relieved. I take reg insulin with each meal and Levimir for overnight and they keep playing with the Levimir trying to get the right dose for a good FBS. There is no such thing. If my A1C is too low or too high I just don’t see how all the adjusting helps. I am very consistent with my food, very consistent with my meds – IT’S MY BODY THAT IS INCONSISTENT. Well, I love my endo and my gastro chick - they work hard and work together and we are trying. Just gotta learn to roll with the surprises. I just get tired of it, too.

If nothing else, we all are in the same boat!

My son is type 1 diabetic since he was 13 years old, he turns 25 this year. He was diagnosed with gastroparesis last year. He had a referral to Gastro entro specialist and various tests,swallowing camera etc,(all at my insistence), as his blood sugars have been uncontrollable for a few years and he has dropped so much weight. They found his stomach is taking four to five hours to empty.He also has daily loose bowels and terrible gas. The only "treatment" he has been given is told to take Imodium (lopermide) tablets daily.Nothing else, and his blood sugars are still all over the place. It is so difficult and depressing for him and his Endo has told him he will be disabled in 10 years due to out of control blood sugars, yet doesn't offer any help or possible solutions.He also has neuropathy in lower legs and feet now as well and terrible tooth decay which has resulted in having to have his lower teeth removed this summer.Not sure were to turn or what else to do.Oh just noticed date on this thread is 3 years ago, so prob a wasted post

find a new gastro. there are not a lot of options for gastroparesis medically... unfortunately. I try to work with diet. I also have celiac (an easy blood test too see if he has). google gastroparesis diet and you will find suggestions for the kinds of things that are easier to digest and what to avoid. as for as controlling sugars, he just has to test more (the slower digestion makes post meal sugars hard to control). hope that helps.