Those Pesky Low Blood Sugars

It almost feels like you get a low blood sugar that really affects you at the most annoying of times. Does anyone else feel like that?

I had one of those last night. ARGH. Check out my blog below :)

Also, on another note. I'm pretty new to TuDiabetes and was wondering if there is some sort of blog etiquette to be following regarding me posting my blog links here - is that okay?

Interersting account of an evening! We have a holiday in the USA today so I don't have to work. One thing that might be useful would be to wait longer than 15 minutes to retest. It seemed to be going up although maybe not as fast as you'd hoped. Particularly in the middle of the night, I think that digestion slows and that it takes longer for stuff to hit? The sandwich probably wasn't a bad idea either, although it might be too much, depending on the other variables involved. In that situation I'll sometimes hedge my bets by eating AND bolusing more although this, of course, can lead to going up and down and up and down a couple more times. Yuck.

Re the blog question, I think that's fine, lots of people post links to blogs and videos that can generate discussion. Some people have suggested "why not just post the blog here?" or "I don't click on links to read blogs" so you may lose some readers here but, if you have other readers elsewhere, who don't "Tu", you'd perhaps lose them by posting on Tu. I usually hang out more in the Forum as it seems as if there's more traffic, more discussion which creates, perhaps, more synthesis.

Thanks for the long thought out comment!
I love how with a lot of things diabetes related there is no right answer! Seems the case here. I will try some of your suggestions though.. seems like waiting a bit long could do the trick!

I'm actually battling a 4.30am low in NZ right now! As much as I hate being up at this time, I will wait an extra 5 minutes to see if that helps!

Also thanks for response re: blog etiquette... Am happy to do what my readers want! Seems like most of my readers are from Tu

I really hate lows at night...I never seem to wake up without being irritable for the rest of the day.

I know exactly how you feel! Had two nights in a row with lows and I am definitely irritable today!

Welcome! I'm glad you joined us. I think some lows occur because we are doing something that makes it inconvenient. Like rushing to get something done.

And as to your question about etiquette, linking to your own blog is fine. I think most people who wish to route people to their own blog place the first paragraph here on tudiabetes and place a link marked "Continued" which goes to their own blog. You need to make sure your link isn't to something that can be interpreted as "self-promotion" but I don't think you have any problem. I would also recommend that rather than linking to the top level of your blog, you can post directly to your blog post in question.

I look forward to your further posts!

Belated reply! Thanks for your comment Brian, have a brand new blog post here! :)