Complications: has anyone ever reversed them?

hey has anyone had any complications such as retinopathy gastroparesis etc from diabetes and did you reverse it after getting sugar under control?.

I’ve not heard much success in permanently reversing some of the more serious complications like GP and retinopaphy. Both can be treated and slowed/halted to a degree, but reversal? Maybe someone else has some data.

Many people have had good success reversing and healing neuropathy, however, with gaining and maintaining good BG control.

I’ve read or heard that Dr. Bernstein reversed his GP symptoms but it took a long time of normal blood sugars to do it. My experience is that my GP symptoms have been mild but not insignificant. I think the symptoms have marginally improved, but most importantly, they have not increased in number or intensity. After 4 1/2 years I take no Rx’s for GP and my post meal blood sugars seem “normal” (not delayed) to me.

I had mild GP, but it wasn’t diagnosed. Bs would drop dramatically straight after a meal, then I would be high later on. I was also sick when I laid down, so would sleep sitting up. This was about 6 yrs ago. I followed Dr. Bernstein’s advice and all problems have gone. I still take papaya enzymes and often have insulin after eating rather than before a meal. I also don’t drink caffeine and make sure I have a lot of liquids with meals. In the last year I have only just started eating dairy again - I’m sure it took ages to digest so I cut it out, apart from butter.

Following dr b’s advice helped me - really recommend.

The answer to your question is complicated (pun totally intended). At diagnosis I had the full list; peripheral neuropathy, retinopathy, autonomic neuropathy, gastroparesis and just to make life interesting, celiac. I just prefer to use my denial before diagnosis instead of after.

None of my doctors offered any hope of reversing any of this. The best I could hope for was that it would stop in its tracks with tight control.

So, I went after tight control with my hair on fire. After six years with an average A1c of 5.5, about $300,000 worth of work on my eyes some physical therapy and a lot of hard work and careful exercise, all of my symptoms are vastly improved. However, none of them are completely gone. I am legally blind and will be forever. But, all my neuropathies are at a very manageable level. I can tie my shoes again, but I cannot button a shirt. In the beginning though I could hardly make a fist or pick up a paper cup.

Can I reverse these plagues and make them go away completely? I don’t know. I know that some of them (like my vision) will never be the same. But I keep working as I have for the past six years to keep my blood sugars in a normal range as much as I possibly can.

I just turned 61 last week. I guess I will see what things are like in another six years. The healing is very slow, very slow, so I don’t know if I have enough time to get completely out of these issues. But, better is still better, even if they are not gone completely.

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I had mild retinopathy that healed when I got a pump and my control improved.

I was never diagnosed with Gastroparesis, but I had all the early signs, nausea, abnormal bowel movements, stomach pain, eratic post meal BGs usually involving low blood sugars after eating and high blood sugars a couple of hours following that. I improved my A1c drastically over the coming year, and now don’t really have any of those symptoms at all.

There are other things that can cause those symptoms though, but the improve control also seemed to reduce or ‘reverse’ some mild neuropathy I was experiencing.

I think though it’s really dependant on a few things. Howlong you’ve had the complications for? In other words how much damage you’ve done to the nerves or blood vessels.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending, part of it would certainly be genetic as well. Some peope may be predisposed to being able to ‘reverse’ complications. Whether that is an actual reversal in the physiological damage or just a reversal in the symptoms I don’t think there is any actual hard evidence on this, outside of peoples anecdotes.

Most people though seem to report that drastically improving glycemic control will improve, maybe not completely reverse, but improve most complications.

Over my 46 years , I have been told twice that I had background retinopathy. First time about 15 years in. Went the intensive insulin program and it disappeared. Got my next “scare” three years ago, again was told that it was so minor that it wasn’t worth taking pictures. Each year since, no bleeding. And while my control is really pretty good, I have my good times and many bad times and I worry everyday about my sight. But I have been told the longer you go without any complications, the less likely you will have any. So, hoping all these years being complication free, will pay off for me.
I will say, that my control is completely different than it was back in the day of one injection of Lente and four urine tests every day. So surprised I have done so well. Guess I have some good genes! My teen years were very scary, I’m sure more so for my parents. As parents you always want what’s best but I think my parents realized that it was my life and my health and I needed to manage it. I did wake up like most kids do. And am happy to say that I did reverse my mild complication, but wow, it’s been a lot of work.

How long did it take to reverse gastroparesis ?
I have mild gastroparesis and Iam following Dr bernstein diet.

I normally eat around 4.7 with Regular insulin
then 1hrs after eating I get hypo then correct with glucoses tablet to 4.6nmol then my peak of BS is 4hr after eating. so its mild and blood suger level goes back to normal 5hrs after eating.

How long do you think it will take me to reverse them?

Did papaya enzyme work? Im also doing chewing gum as well.