A little background…I was diagnosed with Diabetes in March of this year. I figured it would be my fate because my mom had Type 1, grandmother Type 2 and I had gestational diabetes during my last three pregnancies. My first three pregnancies I did not have gestational. I controlled pregnancy 4 and 5 with diet and ended up having to use insulin with my 6th. After I had my last child 2 and a half years ago I decided to start losing weight because I knew that I would be in for some health problems down the road if I did not. I started working out and became a Vegan for about a year and continued to watch what I ate. I have lost a total of 115 lbs and need to lose 20 more to be at my ideal weight. I was very upset to find out that I had diabetes because of all of the work that I had done. I thought that maybe it would have changed things for me. I know to that you do not have to be overweight to have diabetes, but I was hoping by my losing weight it sould help my situation. I am currently taking Metformin. It has been a great drug for me.
I guess my questions are: When I test my blood sugers( I test fasting and after each meal and I always keep my numbers between 90-120) Sometimes the numbers are higher at 1 hour after my meal and at others it is higher at 2 hours after a meal (most of the time it is highest at the 2 hour mark) so are my beta cells completely shot. Is my body still making insulin? I am really confused and am trying to figure out what is the cause for my diabetes. I am reading Jenny Ruhl’s book and Dr. Bernstien’s book and I guess I have confused myself more since I am trying to retain all of this info at once. I pray that a cure comes quickly for this chronic disease (within the next 5 years) and I would really appreciate any input. Thanks.


How fast your bg spikes depends on different factors, not least of which is what you ate. In any case, this is no criteria for judging the status of your beta cells. Go to the doctor and get tested.

As for the books you read, there will be contadictory information and advice. Go slow. Try different strategies until you find what works for you.

Good luck,


Depending on what you eat, your numbers can actually rise several hours after a meal. Foods that are high in fat or that have a low glycemic index value will raise your blood sugar much slower than low-fat, high-carb, high GI foods.

For example, if I drink a glass of juice, I’ll see my BG begin to spike within 10 minutes. It will plateau by 30-45 minutes. But if I drink a milkshake (with lots of fat in it), it will take at least an hour for my BG to begin to rise, and it will be 3-5 hours before I level off (this is without any insulin injection). The same is true for something like whole grain bread, which takes about twice as long as white bread to raise my BG.

For more info, just search “pizza bolus.”

Do you test BEFORE a meal to know how much it raises?
If you’ve been given Metformin and your blood sugars are in the 90-120 range, your beta cells are not shot. Your body is still making insulin. You’re doing great to be reading as you are. Remember Dr. Bernstein’s book is dealing primarily with Type 1, and Jenny Ruhl’s book is dealing primarily with Type 2. At this point you’re being treated as a Type 2.
You have done just right by losing weight, and you have no doubt been counting your carbs. Keep on!
If you see, however, that your blood sugars go way high - 250 and don’t come down for 4-5 hours- keep a record and get yourself back to the doctor with your record.

HI Amy,

Sounds like you had quite a struggle. Don’t fell bad you are doing good!

Yes, if you are on Met and your sugars are withint those ranges - things are working good. I am also on Met and my sugars mostly stay below 120 - I do the low carb diet.

And yes, being thin or fat doesn’t seem to guarantee what you will or will not get - genetics plays a big role. It especially does for me. I have been skinny all my life and I have been a vegetarian for 20 years (a vegan for 5 of those years) and I still got it. So go figure eh? There are so many factors involved in this and everyone is so unique - it is hard to point to one thing. It runs in my family but everyone was all shocked when I got this because yes the first thing out of their mouths was “Vegetarians don’t get diabetes”. Wrong. Even the doctor who diagnosed me didn’t know what is the world to do with me.

Oh, I lost 20 pounds myself in the last 3 months after being diagnosed and I wasn’t trying to lose anything. I was 130 and I am now like 107 - ugh. I am getting too skinny but anyhow it is because of the low carb mostly. But not sure if they told you this - but you want to get rid of any extra fat around your middle if you have it - that ab fat is the worst fat to have for diabetes.

And your c-peptide should be the number to look at if you are wondering about your pancreas. I am assuming you had blood drawn and normally they will test that when you are new. Mine was 12 and that is normal range so that means you are producing insulin.