Lost, tired, confused

I'm not particularly new to diabetes. My husband is Type 1 and has been for 12 years. I know the ins-and-outs of his treatment, treating lows, preventing highs, carb counting, etc.

I don't know what I am, though. So far, Type Unknown.

A bit over a year ago I was admitted to the hospital for an MS attack. That was treated, I was sent home and have only had one flare-up since. However, in my testing since, I've been told by my doctor that I'm pre-diabetic. My A1C was 6.1, my OGTT was fasting: 99, 1 hr: 174, 2 hr: 199. I was shocked - I never thought I'd hear those words. I wasn't overweight, and I had no family history - but, I thought, stranger things (like MS and not being able to properly feel my legs or temperature) had happened.

After that, I monitored my BG. I went on Metformin. I had difficulty getting tight control of my BG despite my best efforts and my previous knowledge stemming from my husband being T1. I was so, so frustrated.

And then I became pregnant. In the first trimester, my BG numbers were not in good pregnancy range - especially my fastings. I have a cord defect (two vessel cord) and that could be why.

Now I'm settled into my third trimester, and even in my second trimester, my BG troubles suddenly disappeared. My OB doesn't believe that I have any metabolic disorder or diabetes. I'm happy because keeping in control of my BG has been a walk in the park at this point, but I'm so confused as to why this would suddenly happen - especially given that in the late second to third trimester the need for insulin goes sky high but apparently my pancreas has suddenly decided that it's up for the challenge.

I don't know what I'm complaining about. I guess I'm not. I'm just lost. And tired. And confused. And I feel guilty worrying about my own metabolic challenges when my husband has a full time job managing his diagnosed T1 diabetes. :[

You've got much bigger things to plan and think about -- a Baby's on the way!!!

So long as you monitor your BG several times a day and there's no problem, give yourself some breathing room and focus on the impending blessing... set the metabolic issues aside for now (unless BG says it's become a problem again).

No need to send cortisol, adrenalin, and other stress hormones through your system for no substantial reason.

Best wishes!

hi, welcome to TuD.
i am not an expert on D and pregnancies, there is a great group where you can post and they will answer you for sure


one idea i have though, it can be that the babies pancreas is helping you out. heard about that some times, that could be why your bgs are so good.

after all, if you wanna know, you can get your antibodies tested, to know whether you are t1 or not, and just take each day as it comes. if t2 comes along the way, it will come, and youll be prepared, if not, be happy about it!!
good luck with your pregnancy.


That's the dose of reality I needed. I shouldn't look for trouble when there's none to be found. I've just been on high alert with high anxiety since my initial MS diagnoses that I've become a bit of a control freak with my health and with pregnancy, I feel like I've got none - especially since I can't take my usual medications for MS.

You certainly have a lot on your plate. Give yourself a pat on the back for having good control while you do. After the baby is born you will be sleep deprived and this can wreak havoc on your BG and MS issues. Get lots of sleep when you can!! Ask your doc about exercise and how much exercise you can be doing. I know that too much exercise can be debilitating for MS and of course you don't want to overexert with your pregnancy. Even just taking walks around the block help me clear my head and feel better about things. Take it easy. Good luck and hang in there!

I did convince my GP to test for GAD65, and I was low-positive for it. Like, very borderline. I don't know about the other autoantibodies or C-peptide. He scoffed at me for suggesting any of it because he said that if I were T1, I'd have a higher A1C. /shrug.