Confusing Blood sugar levels

I would like to know if anyone has had an occurance of hypoglicemia being warded off without the aid of medication or ingested sugars?

Only because of the joys of dawn phenom. If I wake up around 65 to 79, I don’t have to do anything. dawn phenom takes over and within the hour I am sitting around 100. If its any lower than that I treat. I don’t want to tempt fate since I live alone.

I’m talking about something different. Like a boost in blood sugar triggered by seemingly nothing but low blood sugar.
Dawn phenomenon is interesting but it is easily explainable, glucogon and other hormones releasing during sleep.

What I have experienced is more like my blood sugar refused to go below a certain point.

Did you have any symptoms associated with the low? What was your meter reading at the time of the low? Just curious. The body does have counter-regulatory mechanisms to prevent unconsciousness and death due to falling blood glucose concentration. We are fortunate when those counter-reg systems are still working. But as another poster has said, when your meter shows a low BG, it’s best not to tempt fate. Unconsciousness can come on you when you least expect! And once you’re out, you need assistance, and in a hurry.

I have read about peole coming out of severe hypos naturally, but since Metformin doesn’t cause them,I haven’t experienced it

I have a very overactive counterregulatory response which delivers a strong burst of hormones whenever my body thinks I’m going low. So I have yet to see a blood sugar lower than 68 after almost two years of using insulin. When the response kicks in my pulse pounds and I end up back in the 108 range which is where my fasting bg seems to have been most of my life.

OTOH, it literally took me months to see a blood sugar lower than 92, because I was getting counterregulatory bursts any time I dropped anywhere near normal. I have a genetic form of diabetes so I’ve been running higher than normal blood sugars all my life (prediabetic until my 40s it appears).

Does your response act if you drop your sugar slowly?


It seems like it is more where my normal fasting blood sugar is situated. I think a few times when it has drifted down very slowly it has gone lower than usual. But that is really rare. I have done just about everything you can do to lower my fasting blood sugar and the best I can achieve is a very occasional high 80 but mostly 90s.

The counterregulatory response I have is so persistant and off the wall, I’m coming to think it must have something to do with whatever causes my oddball kind of diabetes.

Even when I have injected R insulin and then forgotten to eat I haven’t seen hypos. But I do get that jolt. After two years using insulin it is finally hitting me that I probably don’t have to worry about hypos. I may have a heart attack from all the adreniline, but no hypos.

Sometimes I wake up first thing in the morning with the heart pounding and the blood sugar up too. When I’m not using basal insulin.