Considering a switch to Omnipod from MM-but have some questions first!

This is my first post-I joined this site in order to ask this question! I have been a faithful MM user for 11 years. In that time I've had 2 pumps-my second having just failed yesterday. I have considered switching to Omnipod over the course of the last year (knowing that my MM pump was past warranty and would fail soon).

Everything I don't like about MM the Omnipod seems to remedy. Being on the MM pump for 11 years (and not changing my site as frequently as I should) has lead to a build up of scar tissue. I never had luck using my arms/legs for sites and now my stomach and hip areas are non-responsive. I am down to 2 areas that have good absorption. The Omnipod seems promising with its ability to use areas that MM can't (the upper back, arms, legs, etc.). Has anyone found absorption in these areas subpar to the stomach/hip area? Also, I have issues with bent cannulas and air bubbles in tubbing. I know that switching to the Omnipod I will still encounter bent cannulas, but I am under the impression that on the pod I will be able to see the cannula-is this true?

My last reason for not switching invovles the glucose meter associated with the pod. My understanding is you must use Freestyle test strips (and since the pod lacks a user interface-unlike the MM which has it directly on the pump) I was wondering if this could be avoided. My insurance considers Freestyle a tier 3-making the cost for testing really expensive. I test 8-12x a day and currently pay nothing for my Accu-check strips. Is there anyway to still use my current meter and manually program in my BS numbers into the pod PDM? Has anyone tried this?

Sorry this turned into a novel! I really appreciate you all taking the time to read and respond. Also, if there are others who have switched from MM to Omnipod I would love hearing your thoughts. Thanks so much-this site is awesome!


I had a very similar situation to you. I just made the switch a week ago after eight years with Minimed. I also far extremely impressed with the omnipod system and have no regrets. You can use any test strips you want as there is a manual input feature. I am using up all my old one touch supplies this way before making the switch. Secondly, there is a small window where you can see the cannula, I haven’t really tried looking for it though as I have yet to have any issues.

I am curious as to your mention of air bubbles in you tubing though, are you making sure your insulin is at room temperature and that you have removed all air bubbles from your reservoirs before connecting? The Minimed reservoirs always seemed to leak around the gaskets lately aloowing air in while filling too.

You may want to see my post ‘looking for advise’ in this group. I was asking many of the same questions you may be having. The responses I got were extremely helpful in my decision making process.

Hi tebbemae, you could certainly use your old meter like jim suggested and manually put the numbers into your PDM. my son has had success with his arms and belly area, alot here really like the low back but jacob hasnt wanted to try that. so that feature is great. rotating the sites helps with absorption issues which can happen if overused, belly for jacob but there are lots of option. you may have issues relating to having the programer seperate but being a woman it can always be in your purse and if you just run out the the store and wont be eating or testing you dont really need the PDM on you. alot of people struggle with post pod change highs that we have worked around with giving a bolus depending on bs (1.5-5 U post pod change without food, it seems it needs to be primed?) that has been our major issue and we have pretty much resolved. of course there is this new bump on you that you need to be mindful of bumping, a little learning curve, sometimes jacob uses tegaderm over it esp if on his arms. overall we are happy and i think you would be as well. best of luck and ask away if you make the switch!! amy

Freestyle offers a program that makes copays cheaper. As with you Freestyle test strips are 3rd tier which means $55 a prescription for them. I only pay $15 with the program and you can get it all 12 months instead of having it exhaust itself after 6 months like some programs. I can get you the information if you're interested. You can even print out your card until you get your permanent one.

As for sites, I have had them on my calves and thighs. I have seen people even putting them up as high as their collarbone area. There's a couple of facebook groups that I seen and heard them doing this on.

I'm one of those people who have not had issues with post pod change highs. It seems to happen to a lot of people on here but not everyone gets them.

The PDM that comes with the POD allows you to put in the BS value manually - this is what we did for months until we found out there was a program that allowed us to get the Freestyle strips really cheap.. You have to call Omni Pod and they give you the number and then you call and sign up for the discount program and now we pay the same for the freestyle as Accu Check.

There is a new smaller POD coming out in the next few months - or at least that is what we are being told - However, we are also being told that the PDM is not interchangeable so we will have to buy another one - OUCH - I would check this out and if you can wait I think it might be worth the wait to get the smaller pod set up with the new smaller PDM controller - they will be much smaller.
Yes you can see the cannula - it makes it nice for checking.

We have not had a lot of luck with the back area - mostly due to being very active and tearing it off.
When loading the POd it is critical not to get any air in the system - if you do they will fail. It just takes being very careful when filling it with insulin.

We are going to bite the bullet and buy the small one out of pocket when it come out - we just hope there is a market for the old one so we can recoup some of the cost.

Good luck - and welcome to the site

hi jms, i thought i heard when the new one comes out they are switching everyone over for free so to speak, they really do support their product so this makes sense, tell me or anyone else pipe up if you've heard more. also tebbemae, i think adults tend to have less issues with the post pod change problems so you may not even have to deal with that! amy

Next year Omnipod will switch to Lifescan Verio Strips, is that good for you ?
Which set are you using with MM ?
Kinked cannula usually happens with vertical sets, did you try other sets?

I made sure I asked about the new PDM when I made the switch last week. I was told that Insulet will be replacing the PDMs at no charge, which makes sence as they want to push everyone over to the new line (lower operating costs for Insulet).

Thanks Jim! I did the search for your post and the answers were extremely helpful. I had no idea that insulin must be at room temperature-can't believe I've been doing it wrong this whole time. I do always try to prime out my air bubbles but even 3 days in I still seem to have problems.

I would love any info you could send my way Cherise! I did try out the demo pod and placed it on my arm and it stayed put for 3 days. I am a little worried about placing it in areas where my little ones are likely to snag it. Have you encountered any problems with this?

My insurance only covers Accu-check. But the ability to manually input your BS values seems to solve the last stumbling block I had for considering the switch.

I use the quickset. To be completely honest, I didn't even know there were infusion sets that were nonvertical. I did try the sure-t when I started having problems this past year with absorption and it was helpful. I'm a stay at home mom to 2 little ones that like to wrestle and be carried everywhere and their little hands and feet always tend to bump my sites (not ideal for the sure-t's steel needle). Have you had any luck with the nonvertical sets?

I ask others to reply to you with their experiences.
My friends usually use angled sets: they stay better in place and "slide" underskin over hard tissue as muscle if moved, so usually they don't kink.
Before switching pump you could try other sets, look here (link to silhouette set and inserter)
Omnipod as an angled set, 9 millimeters and 45 degrees angled.

I sure hope that is correct!!! Our Indo is not on it - in Reno I don't feel we are given the best information or care - we were told we would have to purchase a new one because the old PDM wouldn't work with the new one and my insurance wouldn't cover a new PDM this soon. Good news for us - thanks for the heads up.

Insulet said that. It's not clear if it will at no charge or if tha value will be discounted in the first year of supplies, but in the end you will not pay for it.

HI! I too am considering the switch from MM to Omni. I wore the tester this weekend and loved it!!! No tubing!!!! It felt so good to not have to find a place to hide my pump when I wear sundresses and not getting twisted up in the tubing at night. Ive only been on the pump since October 2011. Dx with DM almost 5 years ago. Unfortunately I have yanked my site out a few times in the past week and the site bruised and bled- not fun. It hurt for a few days as well. I thank God I found this group!!!!!!

Good luck with your decision. I've never pumped with anything else, but I love the pod! The smaller pods will only make things better, I hope. I use my inner thigh for playing basketball, as it stays pretty well protected there, but I'm not sure even that site would be foolproof with kids jumping in your lap. The backs of my arms are my favorite site, as there are rarely complications or any pain there.

I switched from MM to the pod almost 3 years ago. My biggest issues with the MM were bubbles in the line (they seeped in from somewhere over the course of 3 days) and not being able to wear certain clothes because of the tubing (dresses/skirts). I absolutely love the pod and will not go back to tubed-pumps for anything. My two issues were immediately solved by the pod. However, I will say that I think MM does the IOB calculations better (I hear the new PDA with the smaller pods will have the "correct" way of calculating IOB) and I have had more failures with the pod. My failure rate is less than 10%, but that more than makes up for all the high blood sugars caused by unnoticed bubbles in my line.

I don't have kids so I can't give you any info on that. I imagine that not having tubing makes things easier, but those little hands could probably knock off a pod rather easily. At least with the MM, you only have to replace the infusion set, not the whole set/reservoir.

Hey! I've been contemplating the Omnipod too. If you switch, I'd like to know how it goes for you! Thanks for post your question - I had a lot of the same ones!!!!

I switched from mm to omnipod almost 2 years ago, and I will not go back. I love the tube free pump. The PDM has a built in meter that uses freestyle test strips, however, you can use a different meter and enter the numbers into the PDM manually. You will just have to carry around tE meter plus the PDM.

As far as sites go, I live using my outer thigh and back of my arm. With the mm, I always had issues with the cannula ripping out. This doesn’t happen a often with the pod. It does take a bit of time getting used to wearing the pod on your body. You can see if thr cannula is in as long as you can see your pod. There is a clear area that you can look into.

I used the omnipod system during my pregnancy and loved it. As my belly grew, I didn’t have to worry about tubing being long enough to reach my pump. I will say that my one year old likes I hang onto my pod when it’s on my arm, and the pod doesn’t come off, even when she is pulling on it. I really love my omnipod and recommend it.

I have worn omnipods for 3 yrs came from MM world and love this system.I always wear my pods on the back of my arms with the window pointed up.I have never had a kinked Cannula. Now if you have the window pointed down that is were the problems start.