Switching from Minimed to Omnipod

Hi everyone! I just found this group and joined yesterday. I’ve been using Minimed pumps for about 12 years now, and just switched to the Omnipod this week.

Since switching over, I have had a ton of low BGs, and have had to drop my basals and my carb ratios several times. My total daily dose was about 34-35 units/day on the Paradigm, and yesterday I took 27 units and still had several lows. Did any of you have your insulin sensitivity go way up when you switched to Omnipod? Could this be due to changing to a different site? I’ve used my hips for the infusion sets for about the last 7 years, but I put the Pod on my arm. I wonder if I have scar tissue built up on my hips from overuse that could be interfering with absorption?

Anyway, thanks for any advice you might have. I haven’t yet browsed the archives for info, but would love to have ideas for where to put the pod. I’m a small-ish person, and I find that the pod is pretty conspicuous on my arm. I don’t think I can use my belly- that stopped working for me after I had kids. Does anyone use their back? Is there a good place to put it on the legs?


The OmniPod was/is my first pump so I cannot answer your first inquiry. I rotate from my stomach to my side and lower back (just over the buttocks). The lower back is by far my favorite site.

I didn’t notice any drastic drop (that I remember) when I switched from the MM to the pod. But I also don’t know that I was looking for one either :slight_smile: I would say you’re likely on the right track in thinking it could be related to the new site (no scar tissue, great absorption, etc).

As far as where to put it, I use my arms and my lower back (flank area over the kidneys, so to speak). I’ve tried it on my legs, but my thighs are too muscular for great absorption…I had some pain there too when the canula hit muscle.
I would search through some of the old discussions for some ideas, and/or try out new areas that you think might work. During your trial locations you might want to make sure you have a backup pod and insulin close by (if you don’t already), just in case something goes awry you can just switch the pod out to a location you know works.

Whenever i changed from any MiniMed pump to a different model I had the same thing. Reason being is that the MiniMed delivers a little different than most of your other pumps. It’s a formula so the less insulin you use the more time inbetween your deliveries of that make sense. I forgot the exact formula but it never really worked well for me. I have done best on pumps that deliver every 3 minutes vs deviding by your dose. I ended up only getting insuline every 12 minutes on the MM paradigm pump I was on and crashed bitterly when changing to the Cozmo. You may want to find out how the Pod deliveres. I’m not sure. good luck

I have switched pumps twice–Minimed to Cozmo–Cozmo to Omnipod. WAC time, I did multiple, multiple BG readings in the transitions. Basal rates were significantly different with each device.

YEP! I have to agree here. I went the total opposite (Omnipod to Minimed) and what a huge adjustment for my daughter. I guess I am learning that not all pumps are created equal. I have to say that my daughter levels are the best they have ever been BUT, here again, like Bunkerg said my daughter was wearing her pods on her hips and now she wears her infusion sets on her stomach! I also think sites are a big factor with this.


I went through the same change (from Minimed to Omnipod) less than a year ago… and, I too had low sugars and used fewer units of insulin. For me I think it was because I went from using my belly for 12+ years to my back and arms. There isn’t scar tissue and I have less fat on these areas. This could be the same for you!

Btw, I LOVE the pod on my back- it’s my favorite site! It’s painless if placed just right- I don’t even know it’s there!

Good luck!

So for those of you who switched, why and how do you like what you are using now? I’m contemplating getting the Omnipod, but I’m still having a hard time psychologically making the switch from quickpens. I only got diagnosed in July, am 33 and single, and I’m wondering 1) if a pump will make a big enough difference and 2) which one to get. Thanks!