Constant High Blood Sugar over 250

Good morning All,

I am new and I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes and was prescribed 500 MG of Metformin and 5 MG of Glipizide. However, I am still not feeling well, I can’t seem to be able to keep my blood sugar below 250 and even when I eat low GI foods my glood sugar spikes up to 350 and above depending on the food.

I have noticed that I am extremely sensitive to carbs, I can’t eat carbs without my blood sugar spiking to 400-500 and it will take over 12 hours to come down to the 200’s.

Can anyone provide any feedback? Thank you in advance for your help.

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Welcome to the site! It sucks being a member of this club but it’s good having fellow sufferers to chat with and get ideas from.
It sounds to me as if the current medications are not enough for you. Either you need more of them or maybe it is time to take insulin.
I know that with type 2 diabetes your weight plays a role. If you could lose some you might get better control, but it is more important to get your sugars down right now.
It’s really hard on your body and esp your kidneys to have constant blood sugars that are that high. I think a call to your doctor, ask him if there is a different medication or insulin that he is willing to prescribe for you so you can get in range and feel better.

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Thats totally not OK. You must feel horrible.

Are you receiving care from a Doctor?
You gotta get into another appointment and have those medications adjusted.
If this Doctor will not help you, then you need a new Doctor.

You should schedule immediately - today. Tell them that you need to be seen immediately. Tell them exactly what you told us. If they don’t help you, they should be thrown out of medicine. This is very serious.

I’m on the fence about sending you into the ER. What do the rest of you think?
You might call the nurses and ask if you should come to the ER or if you should schedule an appointment.


Thank you so much for your advice, I really do appreciate it.
I will call tomorrow to schedule a visit tomorrow. I am so glad I joined this group.

I will keep you updated.

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Cut the carbs to no more than 25 grams per day (not per meal) until you get better medication. Need some ideas. start with
for great starter food ideas. You can also look at keto recipes for starters then switch to other foods once you get under control.

Have you had the blood tests to determine that you are not type 1?


500 mg of metformin is a low dose—I don’t know if you are on regular or ER, but I know at least with the ER formulation, the goal is usually to start at 500 but move up toward the max of 2000mg (1000mg 2x a day). If you’ve been tolerating it ok (no terrible GI side effects), I’d ask your doctor about increasing your dose and a plan for scheduled increases.

Try lowering carbs and don’t eat any grains or starchy vegetables etc. increase veggies and berries etc. also talk to your doc about mealtime an basal insulin instead maybe.

I just got back from the ER, Juan_C.

I’m gonna make a brief public service announcement:

If anybody thinks that they might need to go to the ER, don’t call me, dont call the neighbor, just call 911. If those dudes show up and don’t think that you need to go, they will tell you. Play everything on the safe side.

Thank you so much guys, you all are a blessing.
All this input has been extremely helpful, I am going to the doctor today will of this information and a lot of questions.

I really didn’t realize a community like this can help someone that is confused and new to this illness. Thanks again and I will follow up so maybe we can help someone else in need.

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Welcome to the group. You do need medical help. Ask to see an endocrinologist,specialist in diabetes and other gland diseases. I hope you let us know how you are doing. Again welcome. Nancy50

Good morning All,

I am happy to report that I did visit the doctor on Monday and he increased my meds to 1,500 MG of Metformin and 10 MG of Glipizide. For the past two days I have been able to maintain an average blood sugar level of 145 mg/dl and I do feel a lot better.
Thank you so much for all of your input, I am so glad I decided to join this group.

Again, you guys are a blessing.


Congratulations, you have taken control of your issue and you are now well on your way to fixing your issue long term and leading a happy, healthy and productive lifestyle. Stay on the forum and keep learning and your health will just keep getting better in the future.


Juan, that is great news. You must be feeling so much better! :green_heart:

I am having the same issues but for a long time like a decade maybe more. I take 200 units of Tresiba daily. Humalog before meals. That is a sliding scale based on what I will be eating. I take 2000 mg of Metformin daily. Trulicity once weekly. I was on Januvia but stopped because it had no effect. Glimeperide had no effect either. My A1C is always in the teens. I routinely can’t even read blood sugar levels because the meter just says high. I have cleaned up my diet somewhat and exercise and have lost 50lbs. I am below the weight I got my diagnosis 10 years ago. I can get my numbers into normal range if I fast for a day but I usually feel terrible once my numbers are normal. My doctor says because I am so used to it being high.
Has anybody experienced this where they can’t control their numbers? I’m thinking maybe I need a super strict keto diet and try taking off work for a while so I get used to how awful it makes me feel.

Welcome to the forum, you have taken an important step toward improving your health,

Your doctor is right, as your blood sugar level drops it takes a few days for your mind and body to adjust to each new level so this is not something that can be done within a few weeks. A super strict Keto diet would drop your levels dramatically and yes you would feel terrible and most likely promptly give up.

This can be done on your own but will be really difficult and require a tremendous amount of dedication on your part to keep evaluating and adjusting the baby steps required to slowly but consistently improve your conditions. If you want to go at it on your own, there are plenty of us here that can give you help and suggestions.

You seem to be the ideal candidate for Virta Health. I have no financial interest in their company but their methodology appears well in line with what you need so you may want to check them out. There are others as well, but Virta is getting great success with patients that have your particular issues. You can check out their website at:

Keep us posted on how you make out and how we can help. There is always someone on this board that has faced your similar issues and is ready, willing and able to pitch in. We will all be rooting for you.

If you try this, be sure to drink as much fluids as possible and consume a ton of salt. Gatorade Zero is a good option for getting both. A lot of how bad keto makes someone feel is because your needs for both water and electrolytes skyrocket.