Constant lows

My diabetes is a constant low blood sugar and I can’t seem to make the right adjustments. I am so confused and messed up about it and so depressed.

Nothing is working.

I am so sorry. From your profile page, you are using the pump? I hope that somebody here can maybe help you, with your basal/bolus. What does your doctor say?
Wishing you better days. XXRobyn

CUT WAY BACK ON THE INSULIN. How far have you cut back to date, and are still being “stung” anyway?!?!?

When you stop getting taken out, your spirits will improve!


I am working on it as the lows do zap the life and yes the spirit out of me!!

Thanks for the comments.

Lowering another basal as we speak found a spot where I dropped 40 points in an hour with no IOB.

Yikes-it sounds like basal rates are too high. Try some temp basals to reduce your current rate, and give your doc a call.

I can relate to lows zapping the life out of you. Highs do that to me, too.
Hang in there!!

Is it just me, but I never call the endo. I just make my own changes, am I wrong?


Confession time. I got it as a birthday gift many many years ago from someone I met on the internet, and who I have met face to face over the years when a group of us have met in Chicago.

I never read the book,oooo and his name was David. He is on this site as well, hope he does not read this. I will dig it out and get to reading, ahhh the guilt, and ahhh how dumb am I, but lately I have been on life overload, and hence the low bloodsugars for me. Certain types of anxiety/stress for me causes lows.

I remember when I was NPH and regular growing up and getting ready for a family vacation, my mother had to feed me constant milkshakes to keep me from passing out and we had no bloodsugar meters back then, I went on feelings. Not sure why I am rambling, but anyhoo, I will find my John Walsh book and I can remove some of my guilt to Dave and to David. :slight_smile: