Constantly evolving your practices since diagnosis

I was diagnosed 1 year ago, May 08. In the summer, I remember I would go to the restroom to test or shoot up. Now? I’ve shot up in the movies, at the dinner table, in my car at the stoplight, and on a moving subway. Why was I concerned about other people feeling weird when I had to inject MYSELF? I WISH someone would tell me it makes them uncomfortable now. I would tell them: f.u.! I gotta do it 4 times a day to live. Who’s the one uncomfortable?

i’ve never really tried to hide it, excpect for maybe at work ( i work in a dirty place), but people have told me that they’re afraid of needles and can get quesy. I’m mean that’s terrible, considering i have to poke myself all the time (equally unfun thanks) but unless i know your bothered then i won’t bother hiking up my shirt a little to give myself a shot. Now testing… pish i’ll do that anytime anyplace, and i’ll even suck on the blood.

A link to various reasons why it is necessary to test and manage your diabetes in public (USA)

i used to be uncomfortable to test and take shots in public then my mom sent me away to diabetes camp and i learned that other people had the same problem ive never had a problem since and i was 14 then… like you said if it makes them uncomfortable oh well im not gonna let my sugar level stay high because your uncomfortable… turn you god damn head!!!