Getting wierd looks when testing

Last night my girlfriend and I were inline for a concert and I went to check my blood sugar (Bg 113 =]) but this girl behind us flipped out and made me feel soo wierd =/. I was really down by her reaction. =/. Has that happen to you?

yeah. but i have gotten used to it. i dont mind when they stare out of curiosity. especially children and teenagers. but when people stare weirdly -as soon as they see the BLOOD- i get annoyed. but i dont say anything anymore.

It’s honestly reasons like that, that I don’t test in front of people. The only people I feel comfortable testing in front of are my roommates and my boyfriend.

In large groups, I tend to be more discreet, but in conversation with a single individual or small number of people, I will test in front of them no matter who they are. Always have. I will usually add an “excuse me, I have to test my blood sugar.” If they’re rude after I’ve explained myself, I use it as an opportunity to educate them as to why it’s important for me to know my blood sugar levels. I understand people not liking blood, but I don’t ask them to excuse themselves while their pancreases produce insulin in my presence. It’s a pin-prick, for goodness sake.

I’m a teacher now, but when I was a junior in high school, a student complained to the office about my testing in class before lunch. The nurse called me down to ask me to come to the office to test from that point forward (which was a quarter mile across campus from my class). I told her in no uncertain terms that I am often testing when I am having some kind of insulin reaction and that the last thing anyone should want was me walking alone that far while potentially low just to give some blood-queasy Spanish student peace of mind. They didn’t say another word about it.

Kenny this happens to me a lot. I look at the person and smile…keep going about my business:) I welcome any questions. Testing and dirty looks aren’t has bad as injecting insulin and getting dirty looks.

It’s definitely happened to me. And I agree, I think people get so much more uncomfortable around needles (which is why the 5 humans ‘syringe fact’ tee is so cool!). I understand that others who don’t have to deal with this stuff might not be very comfortable with it, but what really angers me is if people ask me to do it in private.

I was just diagnosed this summer, and the place I had an internship was really supportive and wanted to do all they could for me. But then on my last day I had like a ‘review’ with my boss. She said the one piece of advice she’d give me was this: that while here it wasn’t a problem, a lot of people get squeamish around needles, so I should really go and take care of it in the bathroom. First of all, of course it was a problem there if she felt she had to say anything about it in the first place–if she or someone else was uncomfortable about it, then why can’t they talk to me? I would have respected that and been more discrete around them. But ask me to go to the bathroom 4x/day because of other people’s sensibilities? Does she think I like needles? No, I hate needles, but I don’t have much of a choice, do I? In blunt terms, this is what I do to live and if others have a problem with it, well tough. I had been really proud of myself that from the start I had been comfortable managing my diabetes in public and this really angered and saddened me. In the future I would use this kind of circumstance to educate someone, but this situation was hard because she was my boss, who I still needed a recommendation from.

Anyways, that’s kind of a rant, as it was a very emotional event for me, but wanted to say I’ve definitely been there. It hasn’t, however, discouraged me from managing my diabetes in public, but emphasized what a great need there is to educate others about diabetes.

ask her if she wants to know what is going on, if she continues, just ignore and enjoy your evening. I’ve noticed most people are curious if are willing to explain, the ones who aren’t really aren’t worth the effort. But then, I’m just old and cranky… lol

Ahh one of the joys of the big purse trend…I can manage to keep my meter hidden in there while I’m testing. I poke my finger and put the blood on the strip while it’s still in my purse. no one ever knows, it just looks like I’m digging for something in there.
I know this won’t exactly help the guys out there…well most of them.

Hey Kenny
I have had that happen to me at a nice restaurant. My doctor and his wife were actuaoly sitting right across the table from us and they were fine with me testing and shooting. but the people right behind us got up and walked around to where they could see me and stood and stared at me while they held their drinks and just stared . It was very strange for me to be such an object for staring at. I felt very selfconcious I went ahead a did what I needed to do and ignored them. They continued to stand and stare until i almost got up to get the manager. It makes a person feel weird

Been there, too. I had someone ask me in a restroom what I was doing. Had no problem explaining. But, when I finished my brief, & hopefully informative, explanation, she said, “ugh, that’s disgusting.” Real sensitive person. I was so shocked, that I couldn’t come back with anything clever to say. Just mumbled something about how I did this to remain alive & that I hoped she stayed healthy without having to resort to “disgusting” regiments.

When with friends, I ask if it bothers anyone to see me test. They don’t seem to be bothered by it at all.

I have one diabetic friend who was diagnosed as a kid. I wasn’t diabetic in those days. I watched him test & inject all the time. Never felt the least bit uncomfortable about him doing this.

Many many times. At first, I felt a little uncomfortable and annoyed being watched and stared at. Then again Ive come to realize that they were just curious. Its new and unusual to them. When they stare…I just give them a smile …They would usually go on their way.

Hey you, the guy with the wheelchair. Could you do that in private, please! LOL

Some people are taken by surprise and act funny about blood on your fingers. I am always testing openly with the exception of business meetings with customers where I try to do that under the table to draw less attention. I have the habbit to lick the blood from the fingers and I can imagine that this unconscious behaviour is really ‘disgusting’ for some people. So I am trying to just rub my fingers in public after I have picked myself.

On one occasion I forgot my multiclix device and took the pen to pick my finger. That caused stares! I think only those with masochistic tendencies smiled with understanding. LOL

The stick-and-lick is the only part I’m self-conscious about, too, Holger! I’m sure watching me is weird enough and then they watch me do that! I’ve tried to stop in front of people, but…there are so many more important habits I’d rather focus on.

Kenny this is such a great post!!! I test at the table or wherever I am the only time I remove my self is like Roger said in business meetings. I also do ask the people I am out with if they mind if I test. Every once in a while I remove my self if someone at the table is squeamish or they do not know I have the big D. My father in law has type 2 and he gets squeamish when I test even tho he tests too and is on insulin as well. I just say I am going to do my thing and I step away. I have tested out to eat, at the ball game, and in the car. It does not bother me … I have answered a few questions that hey this is a glucose meter and yada yada yada…
When I was first diagnosed my doctor said you are now one of 23.6 million children and adults in the United States, or 7.8% of the population, who have diabetes. If they have not seen a blood glucose meter before chances are that will not be the last time.
I would have turned to them and said “I am testing my blood sugar. Can I help you? Would you like to test too?” Maybe I am too comfortable and hate those who want to flip out at a concert. If you were smoking they probably would not have cared and thats more intrusive that you testing your blood sugar.
I would not let it ruin your evening out with your girlfriend. How was the concert???

i have a medipack!

Never happened to me, but then again people always look at me weird for no reason so I’m used to it :slight_smile:

No worries, I mean you have to admit, a lot of people don’t know about diabetic glucose monitoring…and it does kinda seem like a weird thing to a noob like that girl. Still, no reason for her to flip out IMHO, but different strokes right. I wouldn’t sweat it though.

Personally, I would have just wiped my finger on her shirt and told her to calm the heck down. But thats just me.

Strange, I test in public pretty often and no one has ever given me a second look. Maybe I’m super-discreet or just oblivious…